Finally got to try it. I took some before pix too. Well, I loved it! I wasn’t sure I would but so far I did!

Had a tuff time reading all of the instructions with my attention span and want it now attitude, but I got through it!

Next step was to use it for 60 seconds on different zones of your face. My first thought was why so long, I don’t have time! But it went surprisingly fast and prompted me when to switch. First was forehead, I had to check it was on, couldn’t really feel it, then beep! Time to switch to nose and chin. That’s when I fell in love with it! it felt so great, and that being a problem spot for me, I was thrilled that and I felt confident that it was doing it’s job. After the 60 seconds I wanted to do it all over, but thought better of it!

I hopped in the shower and afterward when I looked at my skin I swear I thought it looked better already! But let’s not jump the gun. Tomorrow I will try it all over again and maybe get a chance to try the body brush too!

Hey, and you know what, I’m worth 60 seconds!

More to follow!….
Xo r



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