40471200 minutes or the High and Mighty Atomic Clock

atomic clock running late on time clocks digital modern art clock art  schedule
The REAL time, or not?!?!

It really irks me to have to be somewhere exactly, to the minute, on time.   My father deeply and irreversibly instilled punctuality in me but c’mon, what difference does a minute here or there really make when on average we will live for 40471200 minutes.  What does a minute or two, or even 15 really matter in the big picture.  And believe me, it’s  not the concept of punctuality that irks me as much as the f—–g looney bin of a person who really gives a crap about it.  Why do those types waste precious minutes worrying if I am on time or not if they are so concerned about every minute.  I mean get a life, let’s be real. Think of all of the variables involved in getting to any given place at any given time.  I remember living downtown and having to fight my way to midtown on the subway with my fellow red friend, Karen, and being reprimanded for being 5 minutes late.  And whose clock are we late on anyway.  The high and mighty atomic clock?  At my job now I always reset my computer time to match the high and mighty atomic clock but to no avail, my computer has a mind of its own.  And who died and left the high and mighty atomic clock king?  All I know is that I refuse to waste anymore of my precious 40471200 minutes worrying about it anymore!! http://www.time.gov/ 

atomic clock running late on time clocks digital modern art clock art  schedule
Rockin’ Robin Clock!!



7 thoughts on “40471200 minutes or the High and Mighty Atomic Clock”

  1. I try to be punctual, but I have to say that I often wonder why I try. No one else is on time 🙂 I say five minutes here or there isn’t a big deal, but please don’t leave me hanging if your not going to show at all 🙂

  2. you know that argument works the same way in reverse? 😛 What’s a few minutes to you? They’re losing money. If they didn’t reprimand you when you did it once then you’d be much more likely to repeat the behavior. I’m just playing devil’s advocate, but this is the exact type of logic that leads to ‘just one cookie’….

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