When I got engaged my fiance’s mother got way too involved in my engagement ring. My fiance and I didn’t have any money, he was a grad student and I was an assistant buyer for the Gap and only earning $10,400 per year! My Jewish mom-in-law to be wasn’t too thrilled with me, the goy. So, she decided that the ring that she had found in the subway in the Bronx should be my engagement ring.  I was not happy, at all.  My fiance talked her into letting me get it redesigned  but I still always felt slighted. For our 25th wedding anniversary my husband bought me a new ring, HATED it!  It was just your typical run of the mill engagement ring. After a few days I told him how I felt and we went off to the jewelry store.  There I found the most beautiful and unique looking yellow canary diamond ring ever!  It cost more, but it was worth it!  I loved it so much, I say loved because a few months later it was stolen.  I was devastated and when I realized it was actually not coming back to me off we went again to the jewelry store to replace it. It was no longer available, not even anything close to it.  I left the store empty handed and really distraught. Finally I went to a small local jeweler and sat and designed a replica of the ring.  I waited weeks while he hand crafted it.  Finally it was ready!  Off we went again to the jewelry store to pick it up. Got there, HATED it.  The yellow canary diamonds were green and the setting looked crooked to me.  I didn’t feel that I could crush the jewelers ego so I took it home.  And there it sits in my jewelry armoir and I remain sad and miss my ring. I’m sure people are sick of me lamenting over it, but I really will never get over it.  It has been almost 5 years.  Boo-Hoo! I am sorry that this story does not have a happy ending.  Any advice for me? xo r    Tweet

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