Alright, so….,this grinds my gears…..(PG)

I am feeling alive “I can see clearly now the rain is gone”!!!  (please imagine animations in your mind as you read, ie: that was me singing) anyway…as i was saying, I’ve been home a lot coz of circumstances and had the horrid pleasure of watching daytime tv. omfg are you f-in kidding me. so sorry for the profanity but really, omfg.  those poor poor people, meaning the women who are home during the day, being fed this horrible crap.  it is evil. who in the world are “the doctors” and why do they tell women horrible things about themselves all morning.  Crap like, if you eat the wrong foods your breath with smell like poop and your poop will stink more than other peoples.  this really happened, I was horrified. I think the point of the discussion was to dissuade women from eating fatty foods.  They went on to discuss how eating this way and smelling bad can  lead to bad hygiene, bad housekeeping and (gasp) flea bites.  i was so grateful at that point that i got to go to work everyday so i wouldn’t have to be home in my smelly, filthy house with a poor body image to top  it off.  I really need my own daytime show to spread sunshine and rainbows to the powerful and beautiful women who do stay home, don’t cha think? ; – ) xo



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