I am so delighted to introduce VogueWriter AND OFFER YOU MY FREE PROMO CODE TO JOIN and start earning deep  discounts on up-and coming designers and brands!

VogueWriter is a new fashion community that you can become a part of. It supports new designers by giving them a place to evolve.  It gives us an opportunity to share thoughts literally 
on-top of photos of clothing and accessories that move us, and in turn we inspire each other!  Today I am happy to invite 25 of my followers to join through my special promo code. Visit and type in  the code:  voguewriter.rockinrobin.25.  To see my Vogues go to:!/robinavidor/

Reading how fellow fashionistas would rock an item is exciting and enables us to look into your own wardrobe and see it in a fresh new light.  Personally it has been my way of relaxing for the last few weeks as I helped get VogueWriter ready for it’s launch!!  A vodka tonic and writing and reading dozens of Vogues is my way to de-stress!!

     Remember, VogueWriter is a high quality fashion experience open to new members by invitation. Today I am thrilled to be able to offer my followers instant access!  Visit and type in the code:  voguewriter.rockinrobin.25  and get writing to earn discounts!
AND there is MORE!!!
Those who share their stories will be rewarded with deep discounted sales from up-andcoming
designers and brands. Prices continue to drop as members write on more clothing. What could be better!!
Sales begin today, Monday April 2nd with a selection of unique jewelry and stylish bamboo sunglasses.

Site Description

VogueWriter is a community of stylish young people that share their stories and thoughts on clothing, outfits, and brands. As you share your opinions, private sales from popular young designers and brands will be unlocked.
How it works
Shoppers are asked to write three lines on outfits and items they want to save. Writing on items gives them a story and the rest of the community a new way to view the clothing. 
Company History
VogueWriter comes from the same team that created the fashion community StyleSays.VogueWriter is our newest product and StyleSays will continue to run as an independent community. Our longterm vision is to make online shopping more approachable and enjoyable by creating new contexts for existing products, brands, and designers.
Featured Sales
Each Monday morning at 9am PST a new group of private sales, of up to 70% off,featuring up-and-coming designers and brands will begin. Vendors are carefully selected by pouring over blogs, fashion publications, and referrals sent to our team of trusted stylists.

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