Beach Season! It’s Here!

BEACH SEASON, what it means to me.

To me, a girl growing up on an island, the beach has always been an integral part of who I am. At my house you can find jars upon jars of sea glass, plenty of flip-flops and a short walk to the beach! Not to forget, a closet full of BEACH AT NIGHT clothing. That is a term I invented and built an entire wardrobe closet out of! Those who know me, know that closet!

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Can’t Wait To Catch A Wave!

What does summer mean to you? For me it always was the best bikini and darkest tan, no matter what it took to achieve both! Those things definitely have morphed into a hot one piece, a large hat and tons of sunscreen. But what never changes is that feeling of laying in the sun, jumping in the cold water and that feeling after you are home and showered of blissful serenity. Well earned!

Below is Jenny’s take on it and #giftcards for you to build your special closet!



I’m a California girl, born and raised. My little corner of the San Fernando Valley, a quiet stretch of suburbia 25 miles outside of Los Angeles, had (and has) the great fortune of being just on the other side of Malibu. I might have grown up in the dreaded and derided 818 (watch Clueless for a refresher), but from my particular town, only a few mountains and a long winding road separated me from the beach. From the second school got out until the moment they dragged us back in, my friends and I would spend at least three days a week during summer doing absolutely nothing, branding bathing suit tan lines into our flesh for hours on end. Oh, youth.

As an adult (and the responsibilities that come with it), my summer MO has changed. I can no longer spend all day in the sun, idle and with my eyes closed. I’m a grown person and have grown person anxieties, like the paranoia that I’m wasting my whole life sunbathing when I could be doing something culturally valuable–like going to a museum or reading a book. You know, that sort of thing.

While the beach remains an integral part of my warm weather activities (what summer would be complete without a trip to the Hamptons wearing this Tie Dye Dress from Olive + Oak, after all?), I try to mix it up with various activities. There is nothing better than a rooftop BBQ in Brooklyn, the sun beating on your back while you thank the universe you had the good sense to wear a temperature appropriate crop top, all of Manhattan staring back at you like a hazy, overcooked oasis. Or sitting in the park, nursing a hangover and scoping out the new hot dudes under the covert shade of a Tracy Watts baseball cap. The opportunities are endless.

Please share your what summer means to you!

xo robin xo




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