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Sometimes you are fortunate to come across a product that really speaks to you, to so many of your needs and desires! I have found that in the two products I have tried so far from @bluenectar_ayurveda

Although I usually only want unscented products, especially on my face, I find that the natural scents in their products are just so good! Nothing harsh about it. Very mellow!

I have been using both of these products, Brightening and Radiance Eladi Cardamom Cream and Shea Butter Warm Vanilla & Sugar Body lotion every day right after my shower for about 6 weeks. I actually look forward to using them!

The body lotion scent is so good! My grand said it smells like birthday cake 🎂!!! Subtle yet feels so nourishing. It sinks in and leaves skin incredibly soft!

The face cream, first of all is excellent because it contains SPF 30! I love double duty products so much! It has a jiggly type consistency! It is soft and dreamy! I love the natural butter yellow coloring it has. It goes on your skin and right to work!

It gives excellent protection from the environment and in my humble opinion, I am loving the way my facial skin is looking!

If you scroll through all of the pictures you will actually find that these products have made it onto my Lazy Susan on my vanity! That is very valuable property 😝

I urge you all to check them out! I am on a mission to try all of their products!

“ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Consisting of 12 Ayurvedic Herbs like Aloevera, Manjistha, Jojoba, Licorice etc”

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ps that is my Grammy in the background of the first picture. I love saying HI to her every time I sit at my vanity – although she passed 39 years ago tomorrow!


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