Clarisonic Challenge

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the clarisonic challenge. At first I must admit I thought it may be too much work too use but I certainly found that idea to be incorrect! In the beginning I didn’t think I would want to take the one minute to clean my face but now it seems too short. I love how it beeps to indicate that it’s time to change areas on your face and just love the way it feels. I don’t see myself going back to my old way of cleansing my face ever again because I have found that it wasn’t really cleaning at all!  After  a few days of using it I noticed my face looked polished. After a week I was no longer getting those painful break-outs around my nose and that is HUGE! (Lol, not my nose, but the concept!) not long after that I saw a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a month and the first thing she said was “omg, your skin looks great” and I was thrilled to hear that from her and we were in broad daylight!  I noticed thatbsome brown spots were lightening up and my skin had a healthy glow enen with out make up on. When i did apply make up i found that i was able to use less, in fact my mineral powder and blush was all i needed! Then hurricane Irene struck and we were in the dark for days. I decided not to use it in the dark and was I ever sorry. With in a day I had breakouts around my nose! Ouch! So as soon as we got electricity back I was back to it. Then I was finally ready to try it in the shower! Hard to believe you can actually bring it in the shower!  I switched out the face brush for the body brush and and used the Fabulous clarisonic scrub that came with it was in love with it! I was even able to do my back and it felt great. I am hooked on this product and my skin thanks Vogue Magazine and Clarisonic for this opportunity. Sent from my iPad Be sure to have your opinion heard by leaving a comment! Thanks. : )



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