Domite Cold Press Juicer Review

Domtie 150W Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer Low Speed Juicing Machine Low Noise Extractor with Cleaning Brush and Bigger Juice Container

I always wanted a juicer┬áto try juicing and am very happy with this one. It is very easy to use. It was packaged securely and came quickly. The instructions weren’t very detailed, but they didn’t need to be because it is simple to assemble. It is quick too, just cut up fruits and veggies and pop them in the top! The juice was really yummy! It is really fun to come up with different varieties of fruits and vegetables to combine. AND you can make a soup with what is not used for the juice. Recommend!

First choose whatever fruits and veggies sound appealing to you. I went with apples, tomatoes and carrots for my first try at juicing. Chop them up small enough to fit in the juicer. No need to peel.

juicing, juicer, healthy eatingSimply turn the machine on!

juicingPop them into the top! and watch the magic!
juicing for healthVery quickly and easily you will see juice starting to fill your cup!
juice, veggies

Watch it fill the cup!

fruit and veggies

Use the skins and peels to make a nutritious soup!vegtable soup

Honestly, I am not sure how often I would juice because it takes a lot of fruit and veggies to get a cup of juice. But it is fun for once in a while and you can’t beat the health benefits!

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