This weekend we headed out to Montauk for ESCAPE TO MONTAUK,

Here is how they billed the event:

“The creators of Escape to New York and Escape LA invite you to join us for ESCAPE TO MONTAUK, a private and intimate celebration of seaside fun! Limited guest list RSVP essential.”

Sounded great, but very vague so we gave it a go! First of all it is a long drive to the end of Long Island, LONG!!  We really weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived. VIP parking was a  very nice touch, especially since my knee is not yet healed!!! We headed into the venue, which was a resort called Sole East. They had a really nice outdoor bar and the drinks were really good, I must say!  After quite a few of them we decided to explore a bit. Thing is, there wasn’t much to see. That was disappointing. But no worries, I hit the pool and it was glorious.  Since I injured my knee I have not been able to dance, but in the pool I could! And it felt so good!  I spent quite a long time dancing in the pool! The event was sparsely attended so it really felt like we were guests of the resort, which I guess we were, and that was quite pleasant!

BP Fallon’s performance got me out of the pool.  We had seen him perform before, and he is always a trip to see.  His history is very interesting and intriguing to me as I was very into the bands that he has worked with in the past.  We are talking Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop, U2, to name a few.He reminds me of a male Patty Smith and not just because he does an awesome version of GLORIA!  You can check him out HERE.

We ate dinner under the stars, or more precisely under the fog rolling over us! The food was good and we were so full that we decided that was how we would end our day. We headed back feeling way more relaxed then we were prior.  So all in all, it was a successful day although I would have liked to have seen more music and more shopping.
To learn more about it click ESCAPE TO ……….. 

Montauk Light House


Taking iPhone Pix

Outdoor Bar at Sole East

BP Fallon

BP Fallon

Dancin, dancin, dancin in the POOL!

Aaron Lee Tasjan
Best Shoes of the Day


BP Fallon


Sole East

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