Eco & Earth ~ An Introduction!

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I love the #natural #peachesandcream 🍑 look I achieved with these three products that I received from Eco & Earth. This company really rocks because they use #organic and #vegan ingredients and are #crueltyfree too! For my hair, I tried their shampoo. Read all about it below!

I started off with Raw Beauty Ageless Mineral Liquid Makeup Primer. It prepares your skin for seamless coverage prior to using your foundation. Just one pump is enough for entire face.

Next I used #RawBeauty Liquid Foundation to achieve this flawless look. It is Natural & Vegan and includes a BB Cream that is a complexion enhancing cream that moisturizes, protects and works beautifully as a lightweight foundation.

Finally, for my face, I used their Raw Beauty Natural & Vegan Tinted Lip Balm in Light Rose. I LOVE this product. It feels so good on and is good for your skin too! I think the color is the perfect complement to my lip tone. I keep it in my purse and use it all day!

To tell you the truth when I heard this shampoo was bar soap I was very skeptical. I never thought of or heard of using bar soap in my hair. But due to the fact that they use only the best organic and vegan ingredients I thought I’d give it a go. I was so surprised at how well it lathered up. It rinsed out completely and my hair felt squeaky clean and ready for conditioner.

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I LOVE NeoStrata

I just tried a new product from and I’m so excited to share it with you. It’s the type a feeling that I feel like screaming from the rooftops so everyone knows about it! It is a sunscreen from Neo Strata. It is called Sheer Physical Protection Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 50. It has a matte finish and is slightly tinted. You won’t even believe it’s sunscreen when you put it on. There is no icky, sticky, yucky feeling at all. The tint is just enough to cover imperfections and it looks very natural. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized and it protects you from harmful UVA/UVB induced aging. I can’t say enough good about it. But I’ll say some more anyway,  LOL, it absolutely doesn’t sting your eyes like other sunscreens I have tried! It leaves you with a clean, dewy,  and fresh kind of feeling. It just feels good on your skin! I am a FAN!!!!

eye cream, dark circles, neostrata, neostratabrighteye
I LOVE NeoStrata

Here is another product of theirs that I am loving.

If you are having a hard time with dark circles under your eyes here’s a product you need to try. For me it’s not so much under my eyes as it is in the corners of my eyes where it tends to get very dark. I’ve been using this for two weeks, putting it on before my make up and I’m really liking the results. It is a white cream and just about immediately it sinks in and leaves a good feeling on your skin. I really like the way it is dispensed too. I takes just one pump and you’re good to go for both eyes. Check it out!!!

Here is what the brand has to say about it… “NEOSTRATA Brightening Eye Cream is a dark circle corrector that is formulated to reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes. Targets a restored look of firmness and moisture for a smooth, bright appearance.” 

I LOVE NeoStrata

Here is a glimpse into my NeoStrata collection! I have been a huge fan for many, many years! I attribute my “youthful!” look to them!

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Lip Retreat Oil by Wander Beauty

When I first opened the Lip Retreat Oil I was so surprised to see the applicator brush! I really like the shape of it because it allows you to define your lips like a lip liner prior to putting the color all over them. The Rosa Canina Oil feels nourishing and just plain great on and I like that it is actually good for my skin! The lip color I chose, Excursion, is so pretty and compliments my natural skin tone so nicely. It is natural, only better! The only drawback I found is that it needs frequent re-application and I like to be, well, low maintenance!!!! But all in all, I think it is a really good product and you should try it for yourself! Buy it here!

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The brand describes it best!

A luxurious lip-loving treatment oil with the shine of a gloss. Rosa canina fruit oil contains unsaturated essential fatty acids for healthier looking lips. Apricot kernel and avocado oil firm and deeply moisturize lips.

Cruelty Free. Gluten Free. Vegan Friendly.


Yardley Activated Charcoal Bath Bar

It amazes me that you can find an awesome, quality product like Yardley’s new Activated Charcoal bath bar at any local @Walmart for only 97 cents! It’s crazy! Talk about beauty on a budget! Yardley is a drug store favorite for sure! Let me tell you why….

I am a very visual person therefore my first glance at this sleek black bar was exceptionally enticing! Doesn’t it look cool, like a rare, black polished stone! Next was the feel, it felt so smooth in my hand. Once I wet it, the sensation was really appealing. It lathered up like creamy silk. I totally fell for it at that point! The scent is light and refreshing. I love the mix of ingredients and essential oils Yardley chose to use. Genius!
(*learn all about this below)

The ingredients leave your skin feeling clean and nourished. Not at all dry like some bar soaps can do. I have to wonder, how can you get all of this luxury for a buck? I don’t get it! But evidentally Yardley does and they know their business for sure!

Yardley Activated Charcoal, bathbar, soap, drug store finds

In addition to this bar, Yardley has others that I love to use too. Jasmine Pearl and Aloe Avocado are amazing and are just a few of my favorites. I also need to mention that all Yardley Moisturizing Bath Bars are paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate free, and not tested on animals!!!  The cartons are also 100% recyclable.

So IMO, you should head to your favorite drug store and grab a few to try! Heck, you can buy them all and still get change back! Have fun with it and let me know what you love too.

*This is what the brand wants you to know about their newest creation, the Yardley Activated Charcoal Bath Bar!

“Rich in lather and in heritage, Yardley bath bars provide the perfect combination of time-tested ingredients from nature that make your skin feel good, with essential oil fragrances that make you feel good.  Today, the tradition continues with our new Activated Charcoal Moisturizing Bath Bar.

Activated Charcoal is known for its ability to help draw out impurities and combines with Bentonite clay to help purify and cleanse skin while you bathe.  Yardley’s Activated Charcoal bar uplifts with refreshing notes of spearmint and bergamot to energize and excite the senses.”

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Miskos Cosmetics New Palette 🎨

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Having fun playing with @miskoscosmetics new #palette 🎨 The colors and weather on this sunny 🌞 #longisland Sunday inspired me to do a #beachlook with blues and greens with a touch of gold!

“This gorgeous pallet has 10 beautiful colors, including 3 matte (nude, skin color, Bean paste) and 7 shimmer (pink, coral, rouge, gold, Fluorescent green, blue, grey), easy to mix and match any colors you like to create a perfect look”

All of the rich pigments are perfect 👌 and they last all day! They blend together really well so it is really fun to play around and mix and match them all. You can create so many different looks with them. There are ten in this Miskos palette and I like all of them, however, I love 8 of them! In these photos I am also wearing their #lipstick. I highly recommend their products!

Buy yours here on @amazon 

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Magefy Makeup Set

All of the angles!

I was so lucky to receive some awesome items to review from Magefy to review. They came packaged so beautifully so I knew I was off to a great start! The brush set is phenomenal! It is the most complete set I have ever seen. It includes brushes I have never seen before, and that is impressive! I really like that they are all embossed with the names of the brushes too, very convenient! I had three favorites which were the small fan brush, angled eye shadow brush and the flawless concealer brush. The most unusual brush, to me, was the bend eyeliner brush which I thought was damaged until I read the name LOL It will definitely take me more time to test each and every one of them! The ones that I have used, my three faves mentioned above, did not disappoint. The mini fan brush had a nice wight to it. (I have another one form another brand that is useless because it is so wispy!) The angled eyeliner brush helped me make clean lines and the concealer brush distributed my make up nice and evenly.

magefy, makeup, eye shadow, makeup brushes, false lashes
So many brushes!
My three faves!
This brush is so cool!

The eye shadow palette includes nine colors. The pigments are really rich, go on smoothly and last long. There are so many different combos you can come up with. I made my look pictured below with just four of the colors. I cannot wait to play around even more!

Such pretty colors!

Also included were two sets of false eyelashes. Personally I only use them for special occasions. Be sure to follow me on social to see them on me in the near future!

Magefy Lashes
Magefy makin’ me pretty!

You can purchase your own set on Amazon right here!