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Fashion dates back to the beginning of time. Think about it. As soon as humans stopped being naked and started to cover up their bodies, that’s when fashion was born. Perhaps it started with the simple loincloth. Maybe cavewomen started garnishing their loincloths with twigs and decorative markings? Kidding…

But seriously—back to the part about fashion being around for, like, ever. Don’t you ever wonder what funny and weird things have happened in the industry from then up until now? And if you never wondered that before, aren’t you a bit curious now that I bring up the topic? Well, you should be. Because there are actually some super weird yet guiltily satisfying facts about fashion that many people (including myself, before I did my research) do not know. And take it from someone who doesn’t even like history…. These little nuggets are totally fascinating. Keep these tidbits in your back pocket to impress people at your next party. Most Interesting Woman in the World? It’s possible.

Heels were originally created for men. Can’t imagine your boyfriend walking around in your Kay Unger NadinasHeels? Well, up until the mid-1700’s in the Near East, a sight wouldn’t be so uncommon. High heels were originally created because the heel helped men’s feet stay secure in riding stirrups, allowing them to shoot bow and arrow better. Women began wearing them in the 1600’s, and eventually men stopped because of their feminine association.

The Russian military just recently started wearing socks. Up until just nine years ago (yep, 2007!), the Russian military would simply wrap cloths around their feet. It makes sense, I guess, but also, why they gotta be so difficult?

Jeans used to be overalls. Well, in reference to their name, at least. See, when Levi Strauss & Co. patented its first pair of “jeans” in 1873, they called them “waist-high overalls.” The name “blue jeans” didn’t come along until Baby Boomers started naming them after Genoa, Italy, the city where sailors were seen wearing similar pants. (P.S. Have you seen these Boyfriend “Waist-High Overalls”  from Williamsburg? Love.)

Mark Twain invented your bra clasp. Does that name ring a bell? Were you forced to read one of his books, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, in high school? Yeah, that author guy is the one responsible for your bra not falling off. He invented and patented that handy clasp that some other men so hilariously fumble with in the heat of the moment.

People used to exercise naked, so, no activewear. Hold your giggles, ladies, it’s true. Think about how the Greek gods were naked all the time; there’s a reason. The word “gymnasium” in Ancient Greek comes from the term “gymnos,” which means naked. So your adorable athleisure getup is a super new concept, and you definitely would’ve been way overdressed if you tried to show off your NESH NYC Converge Leggings at the gym.

Thongs became popular for modesty purposes. New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia decided in 1939 that the city’s nude dancers were a little too… well, nude. He introduced the G-string so the dancers could cover up a bit. Surely he didn’t expect modern society to appreciate his idea so much for the opposite reasons!

You can thank Chanel for the LBD. Coco Chanel is credited with inventing the Little Black Dress along with costume jewelry. So basically, you wouldn’t have the Jay Godfrey Viola Dress without Mama Chanel, and you probably wouldn’t have any bling to dress it up, either. Just when we thought Chanel couldn’t be anymore perfect.

The fashion police were a real thing. It’s not just that guilty pleasure show that made us fall in love with Joan Rivers’ ruthless opinions (RIP, sweet savage); the fashion police were an actual force in South Korea that went around measuring women’s miniskirt. If the skirts were too short, the women could be fined or actually arrested.


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