It’s All About Attitude

fear, anxiety, health, attitudeNo matter what life hands us, it is all we have. When things get tough and seeing hope ahead seems impossible we have to remember that is only how it “seems” to us while we are in the middle of it. It is hard to see things in a positive manner when all we can see is negative. It is easy to get caught up in that place. I know, I have been there. I’ve been stuck in some very painful situations where I could see no change for the better on my horizon. I would spend days, months, with fear and anxiety. But one thing always rang true, fear and anxiety do not change our situation. Rather it keeps us stuck. Sometimes we just gotta pull up our big girl panties and carry on. When we feel strong we can begin to see things other than our fears. Our anxiety can calm, if even for just the moment and we are open to let some of the good stuff in. We find that there is ample time for our fears but they do not have to consume our lives. It just is not productive to wallow. So I really do always try to see the bright side even when things are at their darkest. Even through tears I have had to laugh at my fears and try to find something, anything that is hopeful. There is always someone living in a worse situation therefore we must be grateful for what we have. When my dad was dying from terminal cancer and someone would ask him how he was that day he would always say, it is a good day today because I am still alive. Where there is life there is hope, right?!

So put on  your love glasses and see the beauty around you. It is there if you are open to seeing it.

xo Robin xo



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