Las Vegas Here I Come!

Tomorrow I arrive in Vegas for the first time. I will be checking out the @flamingovegas. I hope it is all I hope for and MORE! I will keep you posted. Kareen was just there too!

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gift_cardDear Ambassadors,

I just got back from Las Vegas Magic Trade show where thousands of brands show their collections to potential retailers and buyers. The way business is done right now, the brands have three options to sell their collection: 1. open a brick and mortar shop 2. sell wholesale to retailers or 3. compete on Google for keywords to attract traffic to their online e-commerce. All of these options require risks and major investments.

The fashion industry is stuck in the past and brands have been in need of a new model to reach and attract new customers as well as reinventing the way people shop.

The real power lies with technology and social networks.

Technology like Zindigo enables everyone with a computer or a smartphone to set up shop, create and share content globally and earn significant revenues from it.

Zindigo gives this new generation of solopreneur: the Ambassador, the opportunity to bring value and contribute to the fashion world by sharing exclusive fashion collections through editorial content and gift cards with their entire social network.

As what for happened in Las Vegas, it didn’t stay there….you will see it in the new arrivals section of your shop in a few months.

Until next week, Kareen

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