Lotion Plus by NeoStrata Works!

Lotion Plus by NeoStrata is A Game Changer!

For the last few years I noticed that my arms and hands were turning leather-y looking. I felt like my skin looked reptilian! Nothing helped no matter how much I moisturized. Until now. After using this Step Up Level -Lotion Plus from NeoStrata for 3 weeks my skin is smooth and the reptile look is gone!

I was out in the bright sun over the weekend and was so surprised and pleased to see that my skin looked normal again! As far as sun damage and brown spots, they are easing up but not as quickly as the texture has improved and resolved! I can’t wait to see where else this lotion will take my skin to!

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My only complaint is that when first applied it is a little sticky and takes about two minutes to sink in. But that is totally worth it for the results I am getting. Now I use it when I know I have a minute to let it do its job! The tube of lotion is huge and after three weeks of usage, it hardly looks like I have used any! Look at photo to see just how little you need to use each time.  It will last a long time!


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