My favorite new shoes of my lifetime!

I have a lifelong obsession with shoes.  I would not say it is an unhealthy obsession, but an obsession none the less.  It started as far back as I can remember.  Back to the days when my 4 yr old fashion sense was emerging and I was in “trouble” because black was my favorite color, but that is another story in itself.  You would not necessarily know that I have a shoe obsession by looking at the shoes I wear but there is a reason for that.  I         “would” be caught dead in them if I were to wear them.Think about that sentence and when you ponder why??? the answer is that I am a klutz.  I am not the type that can wear heels and pull it off.  I do try sometimes although it isn’t usually a success. I am like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.  But anyway, since I can remember when I got a new pair of shoes guess where they immediately went when I got  home.  No, not on my feet.  They were proudly displayed on my dresser top, one facing each direction, placed just so that when I am laying in bed I could see them and be in awe of them.  As I write this I realize it sounds a little crazy, or lets just say unique.  The story behind my new favorite boots of my lifetime thus far, is as follows.

Vivi, my work best friend, left her brand new boots by her desk while she went walking.  I was amazed by how cool they were and wondered how anyone could walk in such a high heel.  So I decided, let me try them on, she won’t mind!  Well, much to my surprise, they were comfortable!!! It’s all due to a little trick the shoe manufacturers do having to do with a platform that is hidden.  So clever!  So, I knew I had to have them.  I walked in them for about a 1/2 hour and I didn’t trip and they felt great.  I felt like a long tall willowy tree in them, so tall!!  Actually that is how Vivi knew I had them on once I stood up!!  She was a little alarmed when she got back and her new boots were missing!

So the shopping ensued and within a few hours I was the proud new owner of these beauties.  And there they sit, atop my dresser, being looked at by me, in awe.  Check out the back zipper!  xo r



4 thoughts on “My favorite new shoes of my lifetime!”

  1. And as pay back Vivian took your water bottle off your desk and hid it her desk drawer and I took your candy jar and hid it in barbara’s desk drawer. Then a few minutes later you asked Vivian if she’s seen your water bottle and you asked her if she was playing games with you then you asked me if I took it.

  2. Yeah she was pretty alarmed when she came and found out that her boots were missing. Also why are your shoes on top of your dresser i know why you put them there for plessure

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