Organic Moroccan Clay Pot Lip and Cheek Stain Review

Totally Organic with designer Brush applicator. Includes Handmade Artisan Key chain Bag. (see video below!)

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Hey there I have something really cool to show you today. I received this Organic Moroccan Clay Pot Lip and Cheek Stain for free for the purpose of review. As soon as I received it I was really intrigued to try it! It is so different from anything I’ve ever seen before. It is by Julie Maroc and I ordered it on Amazon. It is a traditional Moroccan Lip stain and it’s all natural. It is made with pomegranate bark and poppy petals baked into this little terra-cotta pot. You could also use it on your cheeks, or anywhere you choose!  It comes in this really cute artisan case, in a choice of colors. The case also includes a little applicator brush .

So, to use your Organic Moroccan Clay pot you simply add a drop of water into the pot, mix it and apply. As soon as the water hits the pot you immediately see the color come to life! (it’s amazing, see video!) Dip the applicator brush into it and apply to lips! You can build on the color if you like by layering it on! You can add a little of your favorite oil to your lips if you like, I used an organic lip balm on top. I found that the stain lasted quite long, even though a meal! It is a product I can feel really good about using. I totally believe that you are what you eat and this concept goes for what you put on your skin too. Organic is the way to go!

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