Garnier Express ReTouch!

Did you ever find yourself ready to go when suddenly you catch that silver streak down the part in your hair???!!!??? ZipperHead strikes again!!!

Well I did, again! This time I was lucky because I had Garnier on my side! In seconds I went from ready to crawl under a rock, 🙂 to ready to go out on the town!

Garnier #ExpressRetouch is so easy to use and so quickly solves the problem of those pesky grays showing through in between touch ups. I simply dabbed it along my part, ran a brush through it and had an instant transformation.

Thankfully BzzAgent sent me this awesome product to review! 

rockin robin, #expressretouch
Just tuck it in your purse and never get stuck with ZipperHead.
touch up, garnier
It is so easy to use! Just dab it one and go!
express retouch
Touch up and GO!
goodbye gray, rockinrobin, garnier, root touch up
Feeling so much better now!
root touch up, cover gray
OH NO! Stuck at work with the dreaded #zipperhead!

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Wander Beauty ~ Luxury In A Cleanser

Prior to trying this Wander Beauty Drift Away Cleanser I was not aware of @wander_beauty products. Unlike other products this clear gel cleanser converts to a rich and creamy lather once wet. I love that! It feels so luxurious on my skin while cleansing. This foamy gel eliminates the need for costly makeup remover and that is a huge bonus and time saver. I like that you only need a dime size amount of Wander Beauty Drift Away Cleanser to get the job done! At first I used about a quarter size and was able to cleanse my whole body in the shower LOL. The natural and cruelty free ingredients is the icing on the cake! My skin is aging and I am fighting that battle and I think this rich and throughly cleansing product will help me! I left off one star only because my skin felt slightly dry after using. It is quickly rememdied with my moisturizer after cleansing and does not leave my skin feeling tight, it is just a feeling immediately after washing it off. I would definetly recommend to my friends and followers. Thank you for this opportunity to discover a new product. I want to try all Wander products now!

wander beauty, drift away, skincare
Drift Away made it into my coveted shower caddy spot and onto my makeup carousel too!

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Clearista Retexturing Gel!

While scrolling through insta I found @clearistaskin #clearista retexturing gel and I am in LOVE 🥰 To start with ordering and shipping was painless! My product arrived super quickly. I really like the packaging, the top is like a 💎 jewel! I found it has little to no scent – which is perfect for my taste. I squeezed out a little bit and found that it goes a long long way! It is a gel with little gentle beads in it that polish your skin. Just look at the glow it put on my face! The quarter size amount I used was too much for my face!!! But was ample for my face, neck, declottee and arms LOL I will use less next time. My skin looks and feels awesome. Did I mention I am in love with it??!! You gotta try it! #skincare #skincareroutine #beautybloggers #antiaging #antiagingskincare #selfcare #rockinrobin


Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer

If You Want to GLOW, Buy This Moisturizer!

I was totally not aware of Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer before participating in the Viewpoints IT Cosmetics Sampling Review Program and WOW am I glad to know it exists! First of all the look of it alone is amazing! It is a pink and shimmery and feels great on my skin. I have reddish undertones in my skin and this cream really has been evening it out and leaving me with a healthy glow. I am just loving it. I have not tried a product like this before and I have tried a lot of products! I would purchase it again and I definetly recommend it to others!

I am loving it!
Look at the glow!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this moisturizer to a friend in a heartbeat! <3

moisturizer, skincare, antiaging, healthy glow,
Double Mirrors!


I recieved this awesome product for free for the purpose of providing an honest review of it. All opinions are unbiased and from my own personal experience.


Neutrogena Rainbath Shower and Bath Gel!

I had the pleasure of partnering with @Neutrogena to bring you my opinions about their Rainbath shower and bath products. First of all, I didn’t realize that they are available in FIVE different scents, including Original, Pear & Green Tea, Pomegranate, Ocean Mist and Fresh Plum.  They are readily available to buy at @Walgreens.
rainbath, skincare, showergel, neutrogenaI have tried all of them and I have to say that I found them all to be very aromatic and pleasing to use in the shower. The lovely scents turn my morning shower into a mini spa experience, leaving me feeling pampered! If I were forced to pick a favorite I probably would have to go with Ocean Mist because I like to believe I am part mermaid, but they are all really pleasing to use. Besides that, LOL, the scent really is reminiscent of a day at the ocean! shower gel, rainbathI love that they are dispensed with a pump. One pump does the job! They all suds up really nicely and rinse off completely. They leave my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. I really love that the light scents linger for hours and reminds me of my relaxing morning shower experience. 

Also noteworthy,  is that if I had to pick a second favorite it would be the pomegranate. I found that I was surprised by this, but it smells so good and fresh and clean! In addition to that, I also love how they look in my shower! The colors are beautiful, aren’t they! Consequently, they even match my shower curtain! LOL 🙂

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Lotion Plus by NeoStrata Works!

Lotion Plus by NeoStrata is A Game Changer!

For the last few years I noticed that my arms and hands were turning leather-y looking. I felt like my skin looked reptilian! Nothing helped no matter how much I moisturized. Until now. After using this Step Up Level -Lotion Plus from NeoStrata for 3 weeks my skin is smooth and the reptile look is gone!

I was out in the bright sun over the weekend and was so surprised and pleased to see that my skin looked normal again! As far as sun damage and brown spots, they are easing up but not as quickly as the texture has improved and resolved! I can’t wait to see where else this lotion will take my skin to!

lotion plus, neostrata, antiaging, aha, rockinrobin, skincare

My only complaint is that when first applied it is a little sticky and takes about two minutes to sink in. But that is totally worth it for the results I am getting. Now I use it when I know I have a minute to let it do its job! The tube of lotion is huge and after three weeks of usage, it hardly looks like I have used any! Look at photo to see just how little you need to use each time.  It will last a long time!


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