Clearista Retexturing Gel!

While scrolling through insta I found @clearistaskin #clearista retexturing gel and I am in LOVE 🥰 To start with ordering and shipping was painless! My product arrived super quickly. I really like the packaging, the top is like a 💎 jewel! I found it has little to no scent – which is perfect for my taste. I squeezed out a little bit and found that it goes a long long way! It is a gel with little gentle beads in it that polish your skin. Just look at the glow it put on my face! The quarter size amount I used was too much for my face!!! But was ample for my face, neck, declottee and arms LOL I will use less next time. My skin looks and feels awesome. Did I mention I am in love with it??!! You gotta try it! #skincare #skincareroutine #beautybloggers #antiaging #antiagingskincare #selfcare #rockinrobin


Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer

If You Want to GLOW, Buy This Moisturizer!

I was totally not aware of Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer before participating in the Viewpoints IT Cosmetics Sampling Review Program and WOW am I glad to know it exists! First of all the look of it alone is amazing! It is a pink and shimmery and feels great on my skin. I have reddish undertones in my skin and this cream really has been evening it out and leaving me with a healthy glow. I am just loving it. I have not tried a product like this before and I have tried a lot of products! I would purchase it again and I definetly recommend it to others!

I am loving it!
Look at the glow!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this moisturizer to a friend in a heartbeat! <3

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Double Mirrors!


I recieved this awesome product for free for the purpose of providing an honest review of it. All opinions are unbiased and from my own personal experience.


Neutrogena Rainbath Shower and Bath Gel!

I had the pleasure of partnering with @Neutrogena to bring you my opinions about their Rainbath shower and bath products. First of all, I didn’t realize that they are available in FIVE different scents, including Original, Pear & Green Tea, Pomegranate, Ocean Mist and Fresh Plum.  They are readily available to buy at @Walgreens.
rainbath, skincare, showergel, neutrogenaI have tried all of them and I have to say that I found them all to be very aromatic and pleasing to use in the shower. The lovely scents turn my morning shower into a mini spa experience, leaving me feeling pampered! If I were forced to pick a favorite I probably would have to go with Ocean Mist because I like to believe I am part mermaid, but they are all really pleasing to use. Besides that, LOL, the scent really is reminiscent of a day at the ocean! shower gel, rainbathI love that they are dispensed with a pump. One pump does the job! They all suds up really nicely and rinse off completely. They leave my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. I really love that the light scents linger for hours and reminds me of my relaxing morning shower experience. 

Also noteworthy,  is that if I had to pick a second favorite it would be the pomegranate. I found that I was surprised by this, but it smells so good and fresh and clean! In addition to that, I also love how they look in my shower! The colors are beautiful, aren’t they! Consequently, they even match my shower curtain! LOL 🙂

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Lotion Plus by NeoStrata Works!

Lotion Plus by NeoStrata is A Game Changer!

For the last few years I noticed that my arms and hands were turning leather-y looking. I felt like my skin looked reptilian! Nothing helped no matter how much I moisturized. Until now. After using this Step Up Level -Lotion Plus from NeoStrata for 3 weeks my skin is smooth and the reptile look is gone!

I was out in the bright sun over the weekend and was so surprised and pleased to see that my skin looked normal again! As far as sun damage and brown spots, they are easing up but not as quickly as the texture has improved and resolved! I can’t wait to see where else this lotion will take my skin to!

lotion plus, neostrata, antiaging, aha, rockinrobin, skincare

My only complaint is that when first applied it is a little sticky and takes about two minutes to sink in. But that is totally worth it for the results I am getting. Now I use it when I know I have a minute to let it do its job! The tube of lotion is huge and after three weeks of usage, it hardly looks like I have used any! Look at photo to see just how little you need to use each time.  It will last a long time!


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Dîner En Blanc Long Island

Last night we had the pleasure of attending our very first Dîner En Blanc. About a month back I got an invitation to go in my email, I’m not sure how or why I received it but we decided to give it a go.  I must admit at times it was extremely stressful LOL there were so many preparations to make, so many rules to follow!

I didn’t even own a piece of white clothing nor anything else in white. At first I was most excited about finally having the need to purchase a fascinator!

diner en blanc #DEBLongIsland2018 #dinerenblanclongisland #DEBLI #DEBLI2018 #longisland #newyork #allwhiteparty #secretlocation
Love My Fascinator!

There was a website with all of the details and we did get a group leader who walked us through everything step-by-step. I was shocked when I received two instruction packets one about 34 pages and the other one about 24 pages! But I have to say we did pull it all together and made our way to the random parking lot where our group met up. It was so weird not knowing where we were going to be taken to as it is always held at an unknown location. We gathered in the parking lot  with all of our white belongings in tow and we took off on foot! The walk was way longer than expected and it was hot out! Makeup melting, our white clothing getting soaked with sweat! Luckily we were warned to wear sneakers for the walk! It looked so cool seeing the long line of folks in white heading down the highway! Cars passing by waved and we gladly reciprocated!

diner en blanc #DEBLongIsland2018 #dinerenblanclongisland #DEBLI #DEBLI2018 #longisland #newyork #allwhiteparty #secretlocation
Boneh leading the pack!

diner en blanc #DEBLongIsland2018 #dinerenblanclongisland #DEBLI #DEBLI2018 #longisland #newyork #allwhiteparty #secretlocation
Surprise! We have arrived!

Luckily it was a really beautiful September evening,  and the week-long rains had finally stopped. Once we arrived at our destination it was like being a movie star – there were cameras clicking all over the place. It was really a sight to see everybody and everything in white. We were really surprised at the location. We didn’t expect that it was to be held at the Nassau Coliseum, outdoors on Astroturf!!! Once we set up our tables and got our food and wine the atmosphere was so much fun and it was really exciting! It was amazing how it came together and looked so elegant!

diner en blanc #DEBLongIsland2018 #dinerenblanclongisland #DEBLI #DEBLI2018 #longisland #newyork #allwhiteparty #secretlocation
The LONG tables!

#dinerenblanc #DEBLongIsland2018 #dinerenblanclongisland #DEBLI #DEBLI2018 #longisland #newyork #allwhiteparty #secretlocation
Our Table!

There are a few rituals to follow at every Diner En Blanc – one being the infamous napkin wave, signaling Chow Time!

#dinerenblanc #DEBLongIsland2018 #dinerenblanclongisland #DEBLI #DEBLI2018 #longisland #newyork #allwhiteparty #secretlocation
The napkin wave!

As far as the dinner went, I may want to bring my own dinner next time. It was a bit cold and rather pricey! The humus was supposed to be homemade Parmesan garlic flavor but was extremely plain. The lobster was good but all of it was cold. Personally, the butter all over my hands mixed with the humidity got to me a bit! But, I know, that’s my sensory issues! 😉

#dinerenblanc #DEBLongIsland2018 #dinerenblanclongisland #DEBLI #DEBLI2018 #longisland #newyork #allwhiteparty #secretlocation
$23 for 2

#dinerenblanc #DEBLongIsland2018 #dinerenblanclongisland #DEBLI #DEBLI2018 #longisland #newyork #allwhiteparty #secretlocation lobster, lobster bake, clam bake
Lobster Bake $125 for 2

As you can see I enjoyed it!

Due to my SIBO diagnosis I have not had wine in 2 1/2 years!!! But this night I did and it was soooooooooooo good! The Pellegrino was good too but there was not enough. One bottle each, and you could not get more. TIP: bring water with you! Next is the lighting of the sparkler indicating it is time to get down and boogie!!!

The wine was SO good!

The next ritual was the lighting of the sparkler! Once it is lit, everyone can dance. And every one did! It was awesome. There were live performances and a really lit DJ! Everyone danced for hours. It really was a blast!

The Sparkler! Let’s Dance!

Check out my Instagram for videos and pics from the night!

If you ever get a chance to go to the one you definitely should grab it. We will be going again next year, can’t wait! I think it will be a lot easier next year being that we have all of the white items that are needed for the evening already. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

xo Robin xo

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NYFW, Art Hearts Fashion & Charles And Ron!

new york fashion week #arts #Culture #Entertainment #Fashion @GettyImages #gettyimages #fashionweek #fashionblogger #rockinrobin charlesandron

New York Fashion Week is always such a crazy busy time making it difficult to keep up with writing about all of it as it unfolds! When you attend so many shows you are bombarded with images and sounds and a super fast-paced feeling inside. It is the best feeling ever! I find it to be my high, a really safe and very cool one to attain! It is so exhilarating, I just love it!

Therefore I am not going to delude myself by believing I can cover it all – nor even come close to that. While I am viewing collections I really want to take it in and not worry about getting the perfect shot. What I do is video the finale of each show to share. You can find my videos all over social media so you don’t have to miss a thing. (check them out here and click subscribe while you are there!

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In this post I want to share with you some of my most memorable and favorite pieces from @CHARLESANDRON. I fell hard for these! Enjoy! xoxoxox

#NewYorkFashionWeek Powered By @ArtHeartsFashion at the @angelorensanzfoundation event space NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 08 2018. Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)

Here I am in my @FashionNova skirt and @shoedazzle shoes just doing my best pose and all. LOL

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