Post Traumatic Shoe Shopping OR The Perfect Rack!

When you lust after shoes as much as I do; ie: live, love, breathe, dream, shop, buy, hide the fact that you bought more, and talk about them everyday you eventually have a big problem to deal with.

 Where do I put them, how can I store off seasons, can I really buy more (lol of course you can, don’t be silly) how can they be arranged so I can see all of them at a glance?  If I had the answer to all of these questions I wouldn’t be blogging right now, rather I would be manufacturing shoe storage units and rolling in money!

 I really loved the last post where I spotlighted the shoe wheel ( but really I am not to sure how practical it is. Could it hold enough shoes (well, never!) would they go flying off the ferris wheel? Too many ifs made me unsure.

Therefore I have had the excruciating task of searching and searching  for the perfect storage idea. AND guess what!! 

Sadly this story doesn’t have a happy ending, I could not find the perfect one.  🙁 I am reaching out to you, my followers and blog-mates for your help with this very serious dilemma, the quest to find  the perfect shoe storage solution! 

To save you time I have found some with potential but that is not enough! (whomever really feels my pain please comment so we can know that we are not alone)

Ok so ya think maybe this is a great solution,  has a lot of the necessary aspects, but really, who is going to put them away everyday and how would you prevent them from toppling over onto your head? So, NO!

Yes, very clever but there is no way this could ever provide enough space, not to mention you wouldn’t be able to see them.  I could just see me crazed looking through the steps to find just the right pair and end up with a huge mess. Perhaps even trip over the mess and fall down the stairs. It’s not worth a chance, So, NO!

Hmm, has an interesting modern or aquatic look but need I go any further? Imagine the amount of wall space you would need to hang all of your shoes up.

Also, who  is addressing the boot issue, huh???

I implore you, my fellow shoe freaks to bond together and solve this most difficult dilemma, PLEASE!! Thank you.
Do leave a comment, yes, YOU!

xo r

Steve Madden



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