Rise Of The Jack-O-Lanterns 🎃 

Rise Of The Jack-O-Lanterns 🎃 

For Halloween 🎃 this year we decided to check out something new, The Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns! We will now be going every year, it was awesome! They had displays that were about 20 feet long, really!, and all made from pumpkins. There were displays of the artists and actors that we lost this year, they honored our military too. They had Disney characters, Game of Thrones, dinosaurs, spiders, scorpions, lions, Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and more! Here are some of our pictures. The carved pumpkins were out of this world amazing! I had never seen anything like it! Check it out!

The RISE is the only event in the country which carves 5,000 fresh REAL pumpkins EACH WEEKEND! For you jack o’lantern mathletes out there, that’s a total of 20,000 jack o’lanterns carved from fresh real pumpkins over the course of 4 weekends! Each one weighs about 20 pounds so that’s about 400,000 pounds of pumpkins (200 tons) we’ll go through during the month! It takes about 75 people, over a two-day period each week, to carve and place all 5,000 and then remove them all on Monday morning! Yes, we do have a few hundred carveable artificial pumpkins in our display, because some of our carvers prefer them, but those are in addition to the 5,000 jack o’lanterns carved from fresh real pumpkins each week!

3D Sculpted Pumpkins!

We’re bringing in one of the top pumpkin sculptors in the country to carve a dozen of the most draw-dropping externally carved pumpkin sculptures you’ll ever see! You’ll find them along the trail submerged in a super-secret-preservation-solution so they’ll be preserved for the entire month of October!

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