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When it comes to skin care have any of you tried any of these skin care procedures? I’ve been thinking of it but I am a big chicken!!

See what Erin Tolan learned about getting skin ready for spring…


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Thank god we made it through this winter. Now that spring is peeking it’s lovely head around the corner, we need to get our skin ready for skimpy sundresses and summer BBQs. We asked one of the top dermatologists in NYC, Dendy Engelman of Manhattan Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, how to do some “spring cleaning” for our skin. Here are Dendy’s recommendations:

1. Chemical Peels – From glycolic to lactic to salicylic, acid peels are fantastic for brightening the skin for Spring. Have a discussion with your dermatologist or trusted aesthetician to decide which peel is best for your skin type. Many peels of today aren’t as harsh as the ones of old. Some formulated for sensitive skin don’t even result in overt peeling (it is more of a microscopic exfoliation that occurs days after the peel). No matter what peel is chosen, the result is fresher, glowing skin.


2. NuGene’s Light and Bright Serum – This product is amazing. Made with adipose-derived stem cells and high concentrations of kojic acid, this product helps to lighten unsightly skin discoloration from sun damage and/or hormones. As the weather warms up, melanoma and brown spots tend to darken. This serum helps to treat these areas of dyspigmentation and leaves the skin looking younger, more even, and brighter.

3. Tria – This is a handheld at-home laser device that is wonderful for enhancing skin tone and quality. When used nightly for 3-4 weeks, significant improvements can be seen. This is a perfect adjunct to in -office procedures or as a stand alone treatment. When coupled with topical anti-oxidants (like vitamin C or phloretin), you can see even more benefits.

4. Diamond Microdermabrasion – This is a new type of microdermabrasion that uses diamond particles to gently remove dead surface skin cells and make the skin look luminescent. The diamond tip is gentle enough to be used around the delicate eye area (a place that should be avoided with traditional microdermabrasion).

5. Retinol or Rx retinoids – These Vitamin A derivatives are so very effective for increasing cell turnover and making the skin look healthier. In addition, they help correct fine lines and wrinkles, help build collagen, even out skin discoloration, and reverse signs of sun damage. So, they help tackle a myriad of skin issues. Just make sure to be extra careful in the sun when using these products as they can increase sun sensitivity.



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