Skin Care Routine to Stay Forever Young!

Create A Routine in Your 30’s to Reduce Skin Problems Later in Life

It might be hard to believe, but thinking about your skin care routine in your 30s is extremely important. In fact, taking advantage of certain anti-aging techniques now can prevent you from having to undergo face-lift and other major procedures when you get @evianolder, or at least delay the need for such procedures significantly.

Why Your Skin Changes in Your 30s
As young people, our bodies produce growth hormones that keep our skin looking healthy and strong. By the time we hit our 30s, levels of those hormones have dropped off significantly. That’s why, if you are around that age, you are probably noticing that your skin is changing, and not for the better. Your skin could get thinner and drier. You could also experience changes in your skin pigmentation.

Beyond the normal changes in complexion, women in their 30s are extra likely to have skin problems because of the hormone changes associated with menstruation, pregnancy, and giving birth. So, if you are an expectant mother, skin care is even more important.

Stress is Also a Factor in Skin Health
Your skin health can also be negatively impacted by stress. That’s why both men and women in stressful environments are more likely to develop skin problems. So, finding ways to relax and reduce your stress levels now can keep you from having to undergo major procedures such as aesthetic laser machine treatments or chemical peels later on.

Keep Yourself Healthy to Avoid Skin Problems
Part of your daily skin care routine should be generally keeping yourself healthy. That includes eating a proper diet that consists of a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. It also means exercising daily, avoiding smoking, and staying away from products that are high in man-made chemicals.

The Products That You Should be Using Daily
The most important product you should be using each day is a pH balanced cleanser. Using it in the morning and at night can keep your skin clean. This is especially true if you use a lot of makeup, which could otherwise clog your pores, especially if you were to sleep with it on. (NEVER do that!)

It’s also important that one of your daily skin care products contains sunscreen. You might not realize it, but you are exposed to a lot more UV days than you think each day, even if it’s cloudy. Using such a product on a daily basis will give you a lot more protection than if you were to only put sunscreen on at the beach.

Another important part of any daily skin health regimen is the use of a good eye cream. It can help to prevent wrinkles and crow’s feet from forming later. That’s a lot easier than getting rid of them after they appear.

A general rule of thumb is to look for products that contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants. All of those are great for your skin. At the same time, avoid any products that contain harsh chemicals. Also, don’t use any harsh scrubs because they could remove your skin’s natural oils. It might sound difficult, but once you find a few products you can rely upon, your daily skin care routine will only take a few minutes. (I have sensitive skin and can not use Vitamin C on my face but there are plenty substitutes out there)

I use Bella Reina Cosmetics – Vegan Makeup and Vegan Cosmetics . They are pure and gentle and do not irritate my skin.

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Radha Beauty makes an awesome eye gel. It goes on feeling cool and is absorbed quickly.
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When my makeup application is complete I give a spritz of Evian to set everything. If feels so good! It is also a good way to refresh throughout the day.

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I remove my make up with Simple wipes and then I wash my face with Simple facial wash. All very gentle to my skin.

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