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I like to use my website as a platform for promoting & advising start-up web businesses.I am a member of LIM College Alumn Assoc., The Vogue Influencer Network,Lucky Magazine Contributer, Elle Magazine Insider, W magazine Panelist, Lucky Magazine Insider, Glamour Magazine GLAMSPOTTER, Brand Backer contributor, The Runway,Influenster, etc. I promote, write, explore all that interests me. I have an eclectic style. Check it out!

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My first two years in University I was a journalism major and modern dance minor. I wanted to be both! One discouraging sentence by one bad professor took my hope away of becoming a writer and covering concerts for the Rolling Stone Magazine. He said I’d be a weather girl or if I was lucky I could be covering sporting events. I was crushed! So I packed up and found a private fashion school in Manhattan and things I liked begun to happen.

Before I knew it I was in NYC working with Betsey Johnson. A dream come true!!I was with her for 6 years and it was fabulous. I assisted in designing, promoting, selling, seeing models, working with all of the top magazine editors and stylists and traveling! We lived and breathed Betsey Johnson. We wore her clothes all of the time, not just at work but socially too. We were invited to trendy clubs too!

Next I took a break to be a full time mom. During that time I had a small business designing scarves and handbags to sell locally. I even moved into making bath and body products but that proved to be too challenging after I flooded the basement with scented suds! AGAIN!

Finally I got back to my roots and started writing a blog. I write about FASHION, BEAUTY, EVENTS, MUSIC, HUMOR, anything else that captures my interest and of course SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!

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  1. That’s pretty cool you wanted to a writer and covering events for Rolling Stone magazine but I can’t believe that someone especially a teacher would crush your dream but you weren’t going to let that stop you from doing other great things like fashion etc. One thing you have to learn is don’t let anyone take away something that means a lot to you because in the end they’re the ones who are going to loose the battle.

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