Sports Bras So Sexy You Might Cause Problems at the Gym


JULY 06, 2015 |  A Guest Post by BY N

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gift_cardSports bras have come a long, long way since their inception. (If you really want to blow your mind, by the way, just Google “1920s workout clothes,” where you’ll find a handful of poor women wearing Mary Janes and linen rompers while navigating a wooden treadmill.) Womens sportswear has gone through its useless phase, it’s useful-but-ugly phase, and now lives somewhere in a sweet spot, where fashion and technology have made a glorious collision, meaning that you can go to the gym without looking like a troll, but also that whatever you’re wearing will really work for you while you’re working out. Hello, future.

When it comes to workout gear, Nesh NYC really nails it. Their Hint Bralette combines an athletic sportiness with a flattering rouching in the center that won’t leave your chest drowning in fabric. Same goes for this lace one, which also features feminine detailing around the bust that, though not exactly functional, adds a nice bit of flair to your workout look. And, finally, for those who like to keep their sexiness on the low, the Luxe Bralette offers sheer paneling at the straps. Look good, feel good. Can’t ask for more than that when you’re hitting the gym.

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