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Those of you who are familiar with my reviews know that I don’t say “I LOVE IT” for every product. That being said I Love ECLOS! The ECLOS anti-aging skin care line of products smell incredible. They do not have a strong perfume smell and are not at all overwhelming. Rather they have a clean and natural scent. (probably because they are, haha) Eclos uses Swiss rare apple stem cells in their products that promise to show a change in your skin’s texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I am so happy with it that I am doing a blog post on it! Thank you to Klout and Eclos for turning me on to a great new line of skin care.

The Eclos apple stem cell anti aging am and pm skin prep cleanser is rich and foamy and you really feel like you are getting your face free of your makeup and daily debris. After cleansing with it your skin is left feeling hydrated,firm and smooth.

I did not like the Eclos regenerative moisture therapy cream on the first go ’round. It was thick and I could feel it on my skin. My first reaction to it was that there is no way I could use this especially with all of the humidity we’ve been having here in NY. But after a few minutes it began to sink in and feel much more natural. Not sticky at all as some rich moisturizer can be. After using day and night for a few days my skin seemed to have a natural glow to it. My coworker mentioned that my skin looked good! It claims to even texture and brighten your skin as well as hydrating. I stopped wearing any other make up over it because my skin looked that good! What makes it even better is that it is sunscreen as well. I’m saving a few steps here!!!

The Eclos daily hydraprimer has an SPF of 30. It has a light tint to it that evens your skin tone. AND it passed my own personal sensitive skin test! It goes on smooth and leaves your skin feeling soft and better than before you applied it! All this plus minimizing fine lines and wrinkles!



“ECLOS ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE LINE is high-tech anti-aging skin care that stems from nature. Unique Apple Stem Cells, extracted from a rare Swiss Apple, clinically proven to rejuvenate skin and delay the signs of aging. Everyday use yields a youthful, more vibrant appearance.”

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