The Butterfly or the Wisdom of Dale Eberhardt

     To start with I am going to reveal the teaser right here and now, this story has nothing to do with Dale Eberhardt, the  renowned race car driver. That is a total other story for another time. For now what you need to know is that as of late-we call my mom Dale Eberhardt.
     So, as circumstances may have it, I am NOT at the beach today where I was supposed to be and really wanted to be.  I am home in my hammock (the one I got on the Grand Cayman Islands and it finally got hung, hmmm there’s probably a story about that too!) and needing some pain meds.
     I was in pain and miserable so what do ya think I did.  Called my mom, yep, for some good old fashioned mommy warm and fuzzy comfort.  Well I gotta tell you it started to work.  The pain killer was setting in, we were talking about everything and nothing and I was feeling pretty good. I noticed a beautiful butterfly flew over me, I watched it as it flew off and out of site. A minute or so later, there it was again, and delighted I watched it gracefully fly over me and into the distance. Now the third time it flew over me I said “oh wow, this butterfly just flew over me three times” I’m thinking ‘how cool” and “what a perfect afternoon” (Pain killer ; )  And Dale’s reaction???????

     “OMG-get in the house! He’s trying to take your soul! It’s true-that’s what they say”.                                   
I swear to God, that is what she said! LOL Let me tell ya, warm and fuzzy doesn’t get any better than that! How’s that for wisdom! What I last heard from her as we were hanging up, she was coughing and saying

“I’m laughing so hard it’s gonna kill me” 

Gotta luv her! xoxoxox r



2 thoughts on “The Butterfly or the Wisdom of Dale Eberhardt”

  1. yea… Its true but dont worry,walmart has a good butterfly repellent in the lawn and garden dept.

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