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This Fashionista’s train has left the station. Goodbye and good riddance 2015. The 2016 train is entering the station!

I miss my dad. While he was alive he was there for me, did everything for me and he always had my back. He actually called me “the baby” until the day he died. A day that came far too soon. He used to call me his TRAIN WRECK. Well little Miss Train Wreck is gonna enter 2016 with a bang, watch out!

Resolutions for 2016

Lose Weight

Stress Less

Save Money

Care What Other’s Think

NO NO NO! Why would anyone ever have to even write those down. They are not at all  new year’s resolutions, they are a daily dialogue that runs through most people’s heads every damn day. We set ourselves up for failure every damn day. NO MORE!

Let’s try that again, in an honest and sincere way. In a way where my growth will be tangible. Changes that you can see and feel. Real change.

Real Resolutions For 2016

  1. Nurture relationships
  2. Be more girlie
  3. Be carefree

1. First and foremost is I Am Going To nurture relationships that are good for ME. I have for far too long, (well,yes,always), put relationships with my real friends on hold. I have always had an excuse not to meet a friend for a drink, not to have a day at the beach with my bestie nor go to the wineries on a sunny afternoon with my nieces.

2. When I was young I was a true “girlie” girl. I lived with all brothers and I was the youngest, “the baby”. From before I can remember my mom tells me that I would cry if she did not put me in a “pretty” for the day. No slacks for this girl! (Pretty=dress) I loved shoes from the time I knew what they were. I would always be clunking around in my mom’s heels. And I remember in third grade I got “in trouble” because black was my favorite color. I mean c’mon, everyone knows black is the best! Mom and I shopped every Saturday. I had tons of clothes, shoes and makeup. I remember I had a little notebook that I would plan out what color makeup I would wear each day. No, I never bought into makeup having to match clothes, thank God! Then life just got too REAL for me, Too overwhelming, too many dreaded phone calls and I really LOST all of my “girlie”. I live my life in a state of fear and panic. What color makeup I wore no longer mattered at all. I never even watched Sex in The City until this year. Me, no one could believe it! Now I want to live for me.

3. I just have not let myself feel carefree in so many years that I definitely have forgotten how to.  I have dragged so much along with me and I am in so deep I can barely breathe. I cannot make the entire world’s problems mine to solve. I can not cry for 2 days when a stranger’s son dies of an unknown rare brain disease, nor when a son collapses and dies on a field from a heart condition, nor  when one overdoses and dies alone somewhere. I need to stop feeling as if all of the bad is actually happening to me. Need to stop fearing it will happen to me. Scary part is I know at any moment things like these can happen to me. I have received “that dreaded phone call” too many times to believe I won’t again. My life has not been anywhere near carefree at all. But I guess I have to try to live for the moment, to enjoy who, what, and when, while I actually have a chance to. Before it is too late. And remember all of the time that my crew are surrounded by a strong and large troop of angels that have kept them all here on earth with us when we were told it was barely a possibility. Many Blessings.

And who am I? Who will I be?

burgundy prom gown

I am the girl who shops pretty much daily, usually virtually.

I am the girl who hoards shoes. Nothing is better!

I am the girl who tries new make-up before it is distributed!

I am the girl who is truly carefree when the music is LOUD and I get lost in the dance!

I am the girl who is going to say YES to spending afternoons with her girlfriends!

I am a daughter, wife, mother, aunt and the Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Director of Stony Brook Medicine who also happens to be Chairman and Professor of Radiation Oncology at Stony Brook Medicine.

I have earned enough street cred to be a Brand Ambassador and shop owner of a Zindigo On-line Boutique.

I am incredibly lucky to be a Brand Ambassador to Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab shoe clubs.

I pride myself on being a Brand Ambassador for Mi Bella Reina cruelty free vegan makeup and beauty line.

Oh yeah, and I am the owner and publisher of Rockin Robin Dot Me! This year I will share with you every new trend in fashion and beauty that I find and love. (click on links for #giftcards and #discounts.)

I love my resolutions! I believe I can live up to my expectations! I want to be ME!

Whew! I sure do keep myself busy! I vow to continue to be busy but no longer with a heavy heart. It’s gonna be a sweet year 😉 My mother in law used to say “I am me. I am Avidor!

HAPPY FREAKIN’ NEW YEAR! Peace on Earth xo Robin xo

please leave your resolutions below in comments 🙂


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  1. I too have way to much stress on my plate so I too want to have more fun this year! So that’s it! My New Years resolution will be to have fun! That means I must put myself first every now and then!

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