Thanks to I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Windows 8 and the Surface at MICROTROPOLIS in NYC. The entire evening was magical and space age!! The city they built was amazing. Having so many products to try out-hands on was awesome. The food and drinks were delicious and ample! The entire evening was a success.

Upon walking in you are immediately immersed in a different world. It is dark and there are buildings built all over to form a city, NYC!  Around the perimeter were huge screens with waves to really make you feel that you were on the isle of Manhattan!

Originally I didn’t feel that I needed a Surface but as the weeks go by I wish I had one. It is just the right size and weight to come anywhere with me. I found it easy to navigate and am thinking it would be great to take to events like this one!  It was wafer thin, very impressive, and had a stand that popped out so you could actually watch something on it without holding it. But by far the best feature is the cover/keyboard. I really missed having a keyboard on other devices I have owned. AND it is waterproof! Sounds more and more like a win win for me!

Windows 8 has a touch screen so I was sold right away. It was really fast and easy to navigate. I found I couldn’t stop playing with the draw on screen feature that was set up on many of the screens!

All in all it was really a magical night for me. I was really happy to have been included in the launch!  Thank you to Microsoft and Klout.  XO R

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