Tory Burch Fall Lookbook 2012-Leaving Summer Behind

Leaving summer behind and facing fall is never easy.  This fall Tory Burch makes the transition a little easier by designing a fall line that we can comfortably slip into. We can take summer with us! She offers white after labor day just when our tan is at its peak.  By choosing ocean blues rather than solid black she affords us a reason to lust after her gorgeous evening dresses.Her use of navy blue lends itself to the feeling of summer subtly passing itself off as fall- without being as stark as black. Her use of red excites us for the upcoming color change about to envelop us. She uses nature in her patterns with navy floral, red floral and black and white tree branches. Her use of plaid gives us a hint of Back To School dressing which always held a thrill for us-even if we would never admit it!   At first glance we do not even notice how she seamlessly slips autumn back into our lives. We will want to be seen in  these transitional pieces!

Her Fall 2012 Lookbook  features designs that allow for effortless femininity. Her silhouettes are classic and modern at the same time. Her designs compliment a real woman’s body . She is real, she is natural, she thinks of her devotees when she designs. These attributes are evident in her Fall 2012 collection. Bravo Tory! (please note: all photos are from the LOOKBOOK linked above)

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One thought on “Tory Burch Fall Lookbook 2012-Leaving Summer Behind”

  1. トリーバーチについてのことは今まで、書くことが沢山あります。でも詳しいほどにいたってはないです。ブランド品としては毎日絶えずに、新しい種類をデザインして、世界に登場してきました。先日、ある広告を見て、トリーバーチ バッグからのシリーズ~meredith TOTEが華やかに登場してきました。全体的に、モダンかつファッション性が高いです。独特なデザインで、良い評判を買いました。セレブたちにもこのシリーズのトートバッグが大好きになります。

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