Vita Sciences Maxasorb B12 Cream

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Vita sciences graciously sent me a sample to try. When it first arrived I thought it looked somewhat “medical” and not so much packaged as other similar products. My first surprise is when I pumped it out and it was pink! For a few seconds I thought it may be sticky but it absorbed very quickly and completely.

After a few days of using it once or twice a day on my hands I noticed something unexpected. My fingernails caught my attention because they suddenly looked shiny and not cracked and dry. That was my second surprise! I have had a problem with brittle nails for a few years now, so much so that I don’t even wear polish anymore. But Maxasorb has taken care of that problem now!

I have this odd problem, maybe it is not just me? when I wear tall boots and tights all day long I find that for the next day my legs itch out of control and nothing helps at all, I decided to try the Maxasorb before and after wearing boots and it definitely made a difference. Sure, my legs wanted a little rubbing and scratching but not chronically!! The second day I had no itching.

So I am a happy camper, Thank your for this opportunity. You can add one more customer to your list!!
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xo Robin


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