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378x147_cardsLeggings are by far the most versatile staple you will probably have in your dresser. It has been in fashion since circa 2008 and shows no signs of going out of style. Workout trends such as heated yoga, barré, and zumba have all gained popularity within around that same time, and with that came the idea of dressing chic while working out. As working out became popular again, so did the idea of athleisure, where we all seem to appear athletic even if we aren’t. It could be assumed that the more athleisure you wear, the more motivated you are to stay active. There is a technique to transition from the gym to happy hour without looking too much like you are always at the gym. In fact, if you are in shape, athleisure is an awesome way to show off your figure:

Yoga leggings that double as skinny pants

athleisure, shopping, gym clothes, leggings

Featured Products:
Nesh NYC Torn Legging
Nesh NYC Reflect Bralette
Nesh NYC Racer Bralette
Nina B Roze Heart Drape Top
Raoul Foldover Boot
Nesh NYC Long Sleeve Tee
Raoul Dana Drawstring Tote

Running bralettes that double as crop tops


Featured Products:
Nina B Roze Racer Stitch Bra
Nina B Roze Tuxedo Double Mesh Capri 
Nesh NYC Racer Stripe Legging 
Nesh NYC Hooded Sleeveless Vest 
Petit Pois Flair Leg Pants with Creases 
Raoul Sport Sneaker 
Olive + Oak XYZ PDQ Vest 

Boxings hoodies are also for bumming around


Featured Products:
Nesh NYC Mesh Back Cardi 
Nina B Roze 2Tone Sports Bra 
Nina B Roze Mesh Yoga Legging 
Nesh NYC Stoned Boxer 
Olive + Oak Short ‘n Sweet Shorts 
Olive + Oak Beach Tank
Karen Zambos Tier Top

Moral of the story: Athleisure can be pulled off in and out of the gym, but remember to bring it back to reality when off-duty. You don’t want to resemble Hilary Swank in The Million Dollar Baby when you are headed to happy hour so know when to add some polish in there when needed. This goes without saying, but obviously don’t wear workout clothes in an off-duty style AFTER your workout without a trip through the washer (hello, BO!)



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