What Does One Wear to Polish Night At The Beach

I had a very strange night last night so I felt compelled to share!!  You see, I have been the entertainment director at my beach club for like 15 yrs, or around that!! and I was approached to plan an Polish Night Event.  Me, being who I am, said “K, Cool” and dove in.  as time passed I learned that no one interested in this event was even Polish or had any idea what a Polish Party entailed.  We found some authentic polish food in Polish Town, ha ha, where else!  And were told of a Polish DJ and dancers.  Woo-Hoo, I hired them, they knew nothing polish at all, nothing, so they looked to you tube for ideas.  They picked up on a few things, but not enough to really make it ring Polish.  In the end I said go for stadium rock and we rocked out for hours! Was it Polish, NO, did it matter, Not Really! We had a blast anyway!

Beach Club House

My Beach 🙂

The “Polish” Dancers
The “Polish” DJ
Hiding Behind the Bar


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One thought on “What Does One Wear to Polish Night At The Beach”

  1. I had no idea no one who planned the party knew anything about a Polish Party, which just cracked me up!! We did have a blast. It was a lot of fun.

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