The newest way to get your vitamin intake!
So easy to take along!

NuStrips supplements make taking your vitamins so convenient and easy! No more pills to swallow, that is the best part! Just slip a strip in your mouth and let it melt. Then the magic begins!

So compact!

It is so much better to just pop a few NuStrip strips in your bag for traveling. No more bulky bottles to stash in your bag. These will hardly take up any room at all. More room to pack cute outfits. You can’t ask for more than that, now can you?!

Here’s everything your body needs!

Do I need to mention that they are also so cute! I love the packaging, the colors they use and the innovative way they put it all together.

One slim strip!

These strips dissolve quickly and have a pleasant taste too! I like to have a bottle of water with mine. This helps me get those 8 glasses a day in like we should!

Quick and easy nutrition!

Just think about how much less waste will be in our land fills. We need to keep our mother Earth alive for a long, long time to come! These little strips help with that too!

Adorable too!

What are you waiting for! Order yours now, use my code NUROBIN to get a special discount here too!

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Au Natural Skinfood

I love discovering new brands and Au Natural Skinfood was such a great find! So innovative in so many ways! I was graciously gifted the Discovery Kit which includes a 14 day supply of 4 travel-size essentials. (You get a Cleanser, Toner, Day Cream and Night Cream) and an AM Eco Pouch (Refill) (moisturizing Day Cream in a plant-based eco-pouch refill) It also comes with a little spoon to scoop the product in and a draw string carrying bag. How wonderful is that! No more wasted containers filling our landfills!

Au Natural is so cleverly packaged and perfect for summer getaways too! After trying all of the products for a week or two, I am very pleased with them. All of the products are all cruelty free and environmentally sound! These products really feel great on my skin. The day cream sinks right in, the night cream is rich but not greasy, the cleanser does a gentle and thorough job. I just love spraying the toner on too, it is refreshing! You have to try them all!


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The brand can tell you best, learn all of the awesome details below…


Learn About the Brand

“At Au Natural Skinfood (pronounced “Oh”), we believe that no-one should have to compromise their health or the planet for beauty!

Founded by Tracy Ahern, who has 30+ years’ experience innovating in the skincare industry, we celebrate the beauty of less. This means :

✅ less unnecessary chemical fillers,

✅ less wasteful packaging, and

✅ less overpaying for underwhelming products.

Our clean, sustainable skincare range keep your skin’s micro-biome in balance; using premium, natural, New Zealand ingredients to effectively restore your skin to its natural healthy glow. 

Certified Active 16+ Manuka Honey, our hero ingredient, is only found in New Zealand and is one of nature’s superfoods. An antibacterial prebiotic, unlike other honey, it supports good bacteria, eliminates the bad and naturally strengthens your skin (Yes! Just like your gut – your skin’s micro-biome also needs prebiotics to thrive…).

Backed by clinically effective results, glowing customer reviews & press coverage (Our Manuka Hand Cream rated by Forbes as “Most Powerful”), we stand by our products which are:

✅ Gluten Free
✅ Paraben Free

✅ Certified* Vegan
✅ Cruelty Free
✅ Pregnancy Safe

✅ BPA Free

✅ EWG Certified*

✅ Independently Tested

✅ FDA GMP Approved*
✅ Halal Certified*

*May not apply to some products. e.g Our Marine Collagen Powder contains fish. EWG Certification pending.

We’ve also partnered with a number of organizations like The Jane Goodall Institute to contribute to a number of charitable & conservation initiatives.

On the sustainability front with our product, we knew there was a better, less damaging way to produce and package products, so created an innovative plan to reduce waste throughout the entire process of your purchase, from design to development to delivery.

As a result, all our ingredients are sustainable sourced and most of our range come in 100% reusable containers that can be refilled via our plant-based eco-refills. The rest are 100% recyclable or in compostable packaging. A world first for a skincare brand!

The best place to start would with a Discovery Kit containing mini, travel sized versions of our Essentials Range for just $19.95, plus get Free Shipping.

As a supplement from the inside, try our Marine Collagen Powder containing Manuka Honey and Vitamin C for optimal absorption for not just fast results with your skin, but hair and nails too!

Best yet, join the #AuRevolution on a 1 or 2 monthly subscription, get exclusive benefits, including a flat 25% off, eco-refills for you to #RefillNotLandfill and never worry about your skin ever again.”

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No Fade Fresh Vibrant Hair Color

Watch how COLOR SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER can easily and safely transform you hair!

color shampoo
color conditioner
no fade fresh
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I am COMPLETELY in awe of the @nofadefresh color shampoo and conditioner products results.

I have spent MANY years trying to get vibrant colored hair with such lackluster results. How can this even be possible in just minutes???

With no harsh chemicals, no animals harmed and incredibly easy to get results. I am blown away! I washed and conditioned my hair for the second time and the results are even better! Also, my hair is more voluminous!

Very happy with it!


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trippy lips
cbd oil
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Say HELLO to Trippy Lips CBD Oil and Say goodbye 👋 to aches and pains & take care of your skin too! @trippy_lips_ can help for sure!

I am loving their Trippy Lips Watermelon Zkittelz Roll-On. It is so pleasant and easy to use. Smells great and does the trick to soothe my aching knees, shoulder and takes care of my tattoos too!

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After my knee replacements I needed something long term to use that was safe and effective. This product is so much better than smelly numbing creams or pain pills I tried in the past!

Also, my shoulder joint was hurting so I applied this oil there too. It really helped with pain and moisturized my tattoos too! Double win!


Their Ingredients are simple: Vitamin E, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hempseed Oil, MCT Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavors, and Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. That’s it! What a relief! 😅. Trippy Lips CBD Oil for the win!

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Have you discovered Nutree Professional products yet? If yes, lucky you, if not, read and learn!

hair care
hair treatment
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After taking the time and money for a Brazilian treatment, or any treatment, you need to be sure to take proper care of your investment and extend the benefits. Amazonliss Home Care – Anti Frizz – After Care – Post Treatment – Shampoo and Conditioner by Nutree works really well!

Whenever I color or get special treatments to my hair, I make sure I take care of it the best I can. I use the Amazonliss Home Care Anti Frizz After Care Post Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner Set. I find that I easily end up with fabulous results!

Best part, it is so easy to comb through when still wet, unlike the tangled mess if I don’t use it. LOL I don’t mean to sound like one of those ladies from the fifties who can’t go out because they have to wash their hair. 😂For sure with this set, it is a breeze! My hair is instantly turned to silk.

I really love that Nutree helps me extend the smoothing effect of my treatments, has super power anti-frizz action, helps prevent split ends, and provides protection to my hair. These are all benefits you’d expect to get in a salon but can get easily and less costly at home when you use this daily shampoo and conditioner.

Nutree Professional Results!

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