Zina Bereck
July 13, 2016


The resurgence of Pokémon is super cool for some and maddening for others who aren’t familiar with the craze so here is a slight breakdown and a peek at these pocket monsters through fashion colored glasses…

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The little, other worldly virtual creatures are collected, trained and prepared for battle by their trainers to win the league…Whose in your Pokedex?

A few of our faves:

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Julian Chang Anie Dress

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Raoul Ember Sleeveless Dress

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KAS New York Autena Dress

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Jay Godfrey Marino Coral Dress Red Dress

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Jay Godfrey Romero Dress

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Leggings Make A Come Back!

Leggings were seen on the fall 2016 runways from the likes of Versace, Marni and Balenciaga and were chock-full of stirrups! I couldn’t be happier! I’m not totally sold on the stirrup part of the trend yet, but on wearing leggings again, I am ON BOARD! I do remember really liking wearing stirrups with booties, they stay put, so I think they will grow on me again. They are so comfortable and definitely flattering! YAY, the perfect duo.

Here are some high fashion couture photos followed by the leggings you and I will actually be wearing! Even if I will not be buying couture this season or anytime soon I still do have a passion for extracting inspiration from it and thought most of you do to. I am pretty sure *Athleisure becoming a viable and popular trend has most definitely contributed to the come back as well so I have included a few of those styles too.

Be sure to scroll down for #giftcards galore to get your shopping ON! There is also an awesome sweepstakes for you to enter. You may well be the lucky winner of ONE THOUSAND! dollars to spend on anything your heart desires in my Zindigo Shop.


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Natalia Romano
PETIT POIS “Margarita & Daisy”
Natalia romano, kendall pant
Natalia Romano
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petit pois, skinny pant
Petit Pois Skirt Over Pants

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20 off

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*athleisure = wearing gym clothes around town!

This has to be the best trend to come around in a long, long time! I’m not talking about a ratty old tee-shirt and faded capris either! Rather some great really wearable pieces from designers such as Nesh and Nina B Roze. Be sure to check them out in my Zindigo shop and take advantage of the generous discounts and #giftcards I offer you every day. 😉




Just Fab – Get The Cold Shoulder!

Just Fab – Some of My Fav Cold Shoulder Styles!

Now matter what your personal style is Just Fab Online has a COLD SHOULDER style to match it! This is one of the hottest trends of the summer and you NEED to get in on it! Even better, almost every style at Just Fab is under $40 with free shipping and returns so you have no excuse not to give it a go! I can’t get enough of it! What do you think? Do you have a favorite look?

cold shoulder, off shoulder, peek a boo, just fab

This boho look is really me! I love every piece. I would add a chunky necklace too.

cs melon

The detail and embroidery on this dress make it hard to believe the price is under $40! It comes in black and white also.

cs white

This romantic look is a breeze to pull off. It just screams afternoon at the country club to me.


cs black

Isn’t this cold shoulder look HOT! The slit is everything! It has a total different vibe in coral. Check it out.

cs green

How cool is this look. Who doesn’t love a comfy over-sized T-shirt? Add a belt and hat and you got it goin’ on!

cs mauve

This color! Panetone color of the year knows what it is talking about. I love it. So sweet and sexy. Other colors available too.

cs blue dress

This is just plain sexy! I have this dress in black and it really is the perfect LBD! But the blue is so awesome, don’t ya think so?!

So what do you think? Can you pull off the look? Which one speaks to you? I’d love to know your thoughts!

TTYS, xo Robin xo #rockinrobin


What to Pack For July 4th Weekend!

What to Pack For July 4th Weekend!




How To Mix Prints Successfully!

Guest Post BY Alyssa Ruane

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Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Don’t mix prints. Don’t wear socks with heels.
These three commandments are just a few of many “fashion rules” that have been gloriously broken. White has become a year-round wardrobe staple; mixing prints has created some of the most eye-catchingly chic outfits out there; and wearing socks with heels proved to be the solution to be stylish in snowy temperatures.
Ever since we’ve seen print-mixing put into action by clever celebs and savvy stylists, we, the people, have struggled to master the art on our own. It is, after all, an art. How do you choose which polar-opposite prints to stick next to one another? What defines trend-setting versus tacky? There is a fine line, and lot of everyday Janes are nervous to try the look for fear of a terrible circus-like ensemble.
But fear no more! Below we have some simple tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to try mixing patterns.

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Pick prints on different scales. This would be like pairing the busy Julian Chang Leslie Pant with the Kaya Di Koko Adley Printed Tank, which features much larger imagery, to balance things out.
Stay in the same color family. To clash patterns effectively, they need to “match” in terms of hues, whether that means either finding the same red color in two garments or choosing a teal pattern and a blue one to mix together.
Play with sizes. Garment proportion can really help make your pattern play look like a beautifully organized mess. The long Julian Chang Kory Jacket would look great on top of a patterned mini dress.
Use stripes as a neutral. Throwing two busy patterns together can be anxiety-inducing, so turn to your familiar pal, stripes, for a pseudo-neutral to make you feel better.
Mix two of the same pattern, just different types. For example, put two floral prints together, but have one be the Petit Pois Feng Shui Long Over Easy Shirt featuring Asian-style flowers and the other be the Petit Pois “The Mondrian” Tube Skirt with artsy roses.
Texture helps, too. A heavily textured garment can easily pass for a patterned piece, so try some perforated leather for an extra touch.
Work inverse colors. This is a simple trick that never fails. Try a black-and-white base outfit and a white-and-black overcoat. Make sense? No? Okay, think the Walter Baker Bethany Dress with something like the Stella and Jamie Cloe’ Bomber Jacket.
Mixing and matching prints actually gets much easier once you have these base tips down pat. The real magic happens, though, when you head to the closet and do some experimenting. You never really know what will surprisingly look amazing together until you try it on!

So start mixing, you trend-setter, you.


GUEST POST BY Tienlyn Jacobson

image description
If there’s nothing else, my inability to pack coherently for vacation is one thing I can consistently count on. It’s not that I don’t start with a plan, because I always do. Quite systematically in fact. I take into consideration the number of days, how many casual looks I will need vs how many dressier ones, take the weather and humidity into consideration, and if I’m feeling especially geeky, I’ll photograph each outfit and put it into a folder on my phone for easy reference.
Regardless of how I feel when boarding my plane, my most calculated wardrobe plans come unraveled faster than the humidity can cancel out my blowout. Because no matter how prepared I think I am, I usually end up wearing the few 5 items on repeat.

These days, my approach is more laid-back. As in, I make sure I’ve got my 5 major essentials, and then just throw in a bunch of stuff that seems weather appropriate, add sneakers, and hope for the best! And you know what? It totally works, thanks to my 6 vacation essentials that even my vacation brain can handle.

vacation, giftcard, designer clothes, travel, packing list
1. Midi Dress: The key here is to choose something you can dress up or down, but that’s also comfortable. This Raoul Blaze Midi Dress is absolutely perfect for a nice dinner out, but if you pair it with a straw fedora and sandals, you’ve got a fabulous daytime look.
2. Sandals: It goes without saying that sandals are absolutely imperative. But what kind of sandals and what color? Here’s a tip: go for a metallic hue like these Raoul Mirror Flat Sandals, and they will match everything in your suitcase.
3. Outerwear: This is the thing I often forget the most. Afterall, I’m usually traveling to chase the heat! But that doesn’t mean that the plane ride over won’t leave me freezing, or that the evenings can promise to be just as balmy as the days. Surprisingly, I’ve found that a blazer or a moto cut, like this Olive + Oak Motocrossed Jacket are the best styles to bring, as they add a touch of tailoring to any look.
4. Denim Shorts: Denim shorts are what I reach for on an almost everyday basis when I’m on vacation. Why? Because I need something that’s durable if I decide to go on a midday hike, but that also works for the beach, or for a lazy boardwalk stroll. For me, spontaneity is a big part of vacation, and I need something that can keep up. Bonus if the shorts are as adorable as these Olive + Oak Chambray For Sure Shorts.
5. Tunic Dress: Why do I love tunic dresses so much for vacation? Because they double as a coverup for the beach! Plus, on most vacations, you can wear them to dinner too. Especially if they’re as breathtaking as this Karen Zambos Andre Dress.
As long as I have these 5 things, all I have to do is toss in some tank tops, my bikini and plenty of underwear, and set my vacation brain on autopilot!

Great post! What is on your list?!

xoxoxox #rockinrobin