Halloween Done Right!

Halloween Done Right! My way 🙂

I don’t love the blood, gore and typical sex kitten costumes of Halloween rather I see it as just another fashionable day! A reason to buy a new dress (as if I need a reason!) Below are some awesome looks that you will be able to and want to wear again and again!

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Morticia’s got nothing on me! This dress is under $50!

This dress is designed by MASKED QUEEN. As an exclusive fashion brand, its’ concept of design is coming from the latest fashion trends in western and insists on spreading the romance style to the common. In addition, it has great value both in quality and cost and provides the acceptable of fashion. 
halloween bride, ghost bride

Wanna be a Ghost Bride for under $60 and have a beautiful chiffon coat too!

The designer, ISABUFEI, created in 2009, is an original handmade brand for wedding dresses and formal dresses. With a design inspiration of recording the love and beauty of the happy moments, ISABUFEI develops its unique design style that highlights the closely match of both physical beauty and metal beauty. ISABUFEI uses not only light lace but glittering crystal to decorate the dresses that are handmade in a flexible line.
audrey hepburn costume, 50's style, halloween
How about going 50’s style like Audrey Hepburn? <3  <3  <3
Elegant vintage style based on stars Audrey¡Hepburn, designer hopes every lady who has a princess dream can be Audrey¡Hepburn. When she came into contact with old fashion in 1950s; she was attracted by them, and she thought women should be elegant from young age to old age.
victorian blouse, victorian costume, halloween
gothic, steam punk

What about Victorian?? OMG! This blouse is so beautiful!

The goal of Neo-Ludwig is creating a lifestyle Chic and daily wearable fashion of Gothic, Steam punk, Lolita, and Classic. From history costume to chic fashion, combined street youth fashion, internet subculture community and lifestyle; then it was created the final works of Neo-Ludwig.
So who are YOU going to be for Halloween in 2016??
All items are available for purchase at StyleWe. #ad

Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque

Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque

The best and most exciting thing about this masque is the fact that you use it overnight! #OVERNIGHTRECOVERY! There is no waiting around for it to dry! I don’t know about you, but I cannot always find the 30 minutes to apply a masque and wait for it to dry, wash it off and then moisturizer. Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque is a game changer! I just hop in bed (ahhhhhhhh, best part of my day!!) apply the masque with a gentle massaging motion then seal it with moisturizer and go to sleep! How awesome is that, getting the job done while I #sleeponit! Couldn’t be better!

overnight masque, face mask, anti-aging mask, hydrating mask

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to receive the overnight recovery masque. As soon as I opened the jar I knew it was special. Inside I found a aquamarine colored jiggly water-gel! It smelled nice and felt cool and soothing to the touch. With ingredients like Lilac Cell Culture Extract it has to be good! I actually found it was pleasurable to apply it to my skin. It took very little product to cover my face and neck and I massaged the remainder into my hands, I figured it could only be a good thing! The jar of masque will last a long time. It sunk in quickly and then I layered my usual nighttime moisturizer right over it. I had my concerns that the combo may cause a pastey type feeling on my face but it did not. It felt very natural. After a minute I noticed a slight tightening effect and then I fell asleep!! In the morning my skin felt smooth and I proceeded to wash it off. It’s amazing that I was able to sleep away daily damage and wake to beautiful, revitalized skin. I loved the after effect, my skin felt moist and fine lines seemed plumped! I can’t wait to try it again! It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week or when ever your skin feels stressed. I will be using it a lot! You should too! It is suitable for all types of skin. Check it out and purchase yours here. You will not regret it 🙂

exuviance overnight recovery masque, facial mask, anti-aging, #sleeponit

Product snapshot from the Exuviance:
• Anti-Pollution Complex includes antioxidant Lilac Cell Culture Extract and PHA/Bionics to help neutralize the effects of daily pollution and environmental damage
• Prodew® refills deep reserves of natural skin moisture, restoring a feeling of suppleness and comfort
• PHA/Bionics and Evening Primrose Oil strengthen skin’s protective barrier
• Unique water-gel sleep masque melts into skin and is suitable for normal, combination, dry, or vulnerable skin types

the science of skin transformation™
EXUVIANCEÂŽ is created by Drs. Van Scott and Yu, widely recognized as leaders in the field of cosmetic dermatology. They discovered the antiaging benefits of Glycolic Acid and created and patented the first Glycolic Peel. Since their ground-breaking discovery, the creators of Exuviance have continued to develop many new patented antiaging ingredients backed by evidence from numerous scientific and clinical studies. Recognized around the world, Exuviance formulas are expertly developed to visibly transform skin by combining their patented innovations with the best, state of the art technologies available in dermatology today.
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Faux Leather, It’s What I’m Wearing!

Look What I’m Wearing For Fall 2016 / Faux Leather!

Looking fashionable shouldn’t harm animals! fortunately all of these fabulous looks from JustFab are made from faux leather, no harm done here! AND, If you are not familiar with JustFab you will be thrilled to learn that almost everything on their website is under $40, yup, you read that right! So take a look at a few on my must have pieces for Fall 2016 and let me know what you think!



faux leather, wrap skirt, fall 2016 fashion, wine bordeaux, just fab

I am SO in love with this skirt. Everything about it! The color is so rich and fall -like! For you die-hard Black fans, yes, it comes in black too! It is priced at $39.95, I know, just crazy, right!

A trend that will never go out of style, this faux leather wrap skirt is perfect for those long days. With a fitted waistband that sits right at the hips and a front slit, you can dress it up or down. Faux leather, zip back.


Sizes: XS-XXL

  • Length: 27″
  • Fabric Type: PU Coated 100% Rayon
  • Fabric Care Type: Machine wash cold with like colors. Wash inside out. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Iron medium if necessary. If decorated or printed, do not iron.
  • Imported

faux leather, moto jacket, motorcycle jacket, fall fashion

Everyone has to have a moto jacket, no joke! I love this one because of the quilted detailing. So cute! It comes in taupe and navy. Navy is another one of those must have Fall 2016 colors! It is priced at $44.95

Moto jacket in a washed faux leather with quilted detailing on shoulders and back, decorative zip pockets, off-center front zip closure, and full lining.


  • Sizes: XS – 3X
  • Fabric Type: 100% PU Lining, 100% Polyester
  • Fabric Care Type: Machine wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Iron medium if necessary. Exclusive of trim.
  • Imported

faux leather legging, faux suede, cruelty free

All I can say is Long Live the Legging! Nothing better than a legging, tunic and some boots for me! These blocked leggings are $39.95 <3 🙂

These leggings feature an elastic waistband and a block faux leather construction.

These leggings feature an elastic waistband and a block faux leather construction.


  • Sizes: XS – 3X
  • Inseam: 28″
  • Fabric Type: 65% Viscose, 30% Nylon, 5% Elastin
  • Fabric Care Type: Machine wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Iron medium if necessary. Exclusive of trim.
  • Imported

Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer by VALENTIA

Meet Valentia‘s newest product, Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer!

valentia, pure glow brightening moisturizer, organic ingredients, anti aging

Even in the brightest sunlight it is evident that this Brightening Moisturizer can – lighten dark spots, restore skin radiance, even skin tone, diminish fine lines and provide all-day hydration too!

It feels very lightweight on my skin and absorbs super quick. This light white cream illuminates my skin and provides all-day hydration. It feels so good going on and through out the entire day.  I look forward to using it!

YAY! another awesome product by Valentia! All natural, organic products, made by women for women 🙂

valentia, pure glow brightening moisturizer, organic ingredients, anti aging


– Botanical Hyaluronic Acid: Floods skin with moisture, supports skin elasticity, and plumps skin from within.

– Kojic Acid: Controls melanin production and prevents dark spots.

– Ginseng: Boosts skin firming collagen, fights wrinkles, and gives the skin a brighter and more energized look.

– Safflower Oil: Repairs skin’s natural moisture barrier and provide superior skin protection.

– Shea Butter: Infuses skin with a myriad of vitamins and nutrients for superior skin hydration and nourishment.

Here is a video of me using my favorite products from Valentia. I truly was very pleasantly surprised by the results!

Learn all about Valentia’s fabulous products. They are all organic, cruelty free and made by women for women. They truly are awesome and produce amazing results. #valentia #rockinrobin #ad Buy them here:

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Enjoy Fun In The Sun, Worry Free from Sunburn and Bug Bites with Smart Stuff™

As summer comes to a close in New York, I was fortunate enough to find one more music festival, Grateful Fest, to go to! The day turned out to be one that dreams are made of and for me that means a whole lot of SUNSHINE! The sun was just beating down on me all day, especially on my face, and I can tell you that I had my concerns about it. I was trying out Smart Stuff Sunscreen for the first time ever and I definitely put it to the test being out in the direct sun for 6 hours!

The sunscreen is white but does not leave you looking like a Halloween ghost!  It’s mineral based formula quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves no sticky or uncomfortable film on your skin. There was no overwhelming scent, a big plus! I woke up the next morning expecting to find a bright red sunburn on my face. What I did find is that my lips felt really dry BUT my skin was just fine. It didn’t look or feel dry at all. I applied Smart Stuff Sunscreen just one time and it passed the test with flying colors! I should have put it on my lips too!

I had my friend Judy use it too, here she is!

sun screen, smart stuff sun screen, sensitive skin

After learning about the concept behind the birth of the brand I have to say I was not surprised that it produced awesome results. Smart Stuff Sunscreen was created by two physicians who are parents and were driven to provide a safe product for their autistic child. In addition, “A portion of the profits from SMART STUFF™ goes towards supporting Luv Michael, a non-profit dedicated to educating, training and employing individuals with Autism.” I <3 them now.  🙂

luv michael, autism, sunscreen
Learn About the Brand, From the Brand

As accomplished New York City physicians and loving parents of an autistic child, doctors Lisa A. Liberatore, MD and Dimitri N. Kessaris, MD tend to look at the world through a different lens than most. Every product they use in their busy lives is heavily scrutinized for the safety and health impact it has on them and their family.

As physicians, they understand a product’s effects on a molecular level. As parents, they simply won’t compromise when it comes to health and safety of their family and friends. So when the two became increasingly frustrated with the misleading ingredient labels and dangerous chemicals found in products in their home, they knew there had to be a better, safer alternative.

SMART STUFF™ was born from necessity, and based on one simple concept: well-designed products should work great day in and day out without compromising your health. While the concept was simple, the execution and realization of a full line of lifestyle and skin care products that met this principle is anything but.

Together, with a team of skin care professionals, the two began developing products to address the areas of most concern to them. Their first products are a safe and effective mineral based sunscreen and lip treatment as well as an all natural insect repellent. A skincare line using some of the finest natural botanicals and bio-tech derived ingredients available is in the pipeline.

Today, what started as a basic need of two ambitious doctors motivated by the well-being of their autistic child has evolved into something bigger than they ever could have imagined. SMART STUFF™ products are all natural and effective for children and adults alike. They are also environmentally friendly too.

grateful fest, grateful dead, cover band, half step

smart stuff
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Art Hearts Fashion NYFW Sept 2016

I had the extreme pleasure of once again attending a bunch of Art Hearts Fashion shows in NYC in September. What I can tell you in one sentence is that they breathe life into me. From the Angel Orensanz Event Space to the production to the designers to the musicians to the Deep Eddy vodka, 😉 everything is awe-inspiring. AND it is all done for such a worthy cause, funding and raising awareness of HIV/AIDS. #keepthepromise


art hearts fashion, nyfw, lamb, gwen stefani

Art Hearts Fashion Shines at New York Fashion Week. Dozens of brands showcased as part of New York Fashion Week NYFW The Shows to a packed house at the Angel Orensanz Event Space all week long. Uniting for a great cause, Designers included: Hale Bob, Ibrahim Vukel, Elochee, Sanja Bobar, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Willfredo Gerardo, Trompeloeil, Lisseth Correo, Marta Zampolini, Rutu BhonslÊ, Charles and Ron, Kenneth Barlis, Temraza, Elie Madi, Tigers Eye Clothing, PopImpressKA, Dair by Odair Pereira, Vasilije Kovacev, Vesna Milosevic, Liviara, Mister Triple X, Mimi Tran, and Laurel Dewitt. For full schedule and more information please visit www.ArtHeartsFashion.com

Behind the scenes at fashion week FHI Brands created dramatic looks on and off the runway as the official hair sponsor of the platform. Beauty Director April Love lead the backstage teams to ensure that makeup and hair were on point throughout a week featuring hundreds of models and dozens of designers. City Color cosmetics offered the perfect touch to create an array of looks ranging from glam to couture. Bdellium tools and Bulls Eye Lashes refined the looks on the runway to create a magical atmosphere all week long. Special thanks to our partners and sponsors: AIDS healthcare Foundation, Deep Eddy Vodka, Monster Energy, Savvy Travelers, Huberts Lemonade, Illy Coffee, FNL Networks, Getty Images, Fashion GPS, Cliff Bars, Seflie Cookie, Shibue Couture, Plantaze Wine, Serbia Fashion Week, and Blondies Desserts.

The creative minds behind Art Hearts Fashion caused a stir at this seasons New York Fashion Week as Designers took the runway featuring risquĂŠ fashion, couture creations and lots of heart. Celebrity models from Whoopi Goldbergs TV show “STRUT” graced the catwalk along side the finalists from the hit show I Supermodel and America’s Next Top Model. In additional to the pop culture models hitting the runway, disabled supermodel Madeline Stuart made her way onto the runway and celebrity Italian models Andrea Denver and Andrea Melchiorre opened and closed the shows for Mister Triple X featuring L.A.M.B. Eyewear by Gwen Stefani.


Launched in 2011 “Art Hearts Fashion” events are a leading platform for artistically inspired emerging, celebrity and couture designers to showcase their collections in a contemporary fashion week setting. AHF events have been held coast to coast as a national showcase for designers to participate in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles Fashion Week. Founded by Philanthropist and Designer Erik Rosete, Participating designers can be seen on every major Hollywood celebrity including: BeyoncĂŠ, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Carrie Underwood, and countless more. The platform is unequivocally intertwined with the causes and organizations it supports.

Art Hearts Fashion is leading the way in combining fashion and philanthropy by raising awareness and funds for great causes all while celebrating the art of fashion. The runway shows presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation help raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and this seasons shows are dedicated to their #KeepThePromise campaign which highlights AHF’s mission to provide access to treatment to the millions living with HIV.

Always a pleasure 🙂

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Hydropeptide On-the-Go Glow Travel Set Review

 Hydropeptide On-the-Go Glow Travel Set Review 

Packing for New York Fashion Week is a totally overwhelming experience for me. Even though I live in NY I still immerse myself totally in the week and stay in a hotel. There is nothing worse (well almost nothing, lol) for a fashionista to have to leave her closet behind and pre-plan every outfit, accessory, make-up and beauty products for a week. I wish I could take everything with me, really! Hydropeptide On-The-Glow set made one part of this SO easy that I now love them forever! All I had to do was grab the one silver cosmetic case and my beauty routine was packed! I couldn’t have been happier! Get yours here!

hydropeptide, on the glow, beauty regimen, travel size

After a day of ELEVEN SHOWS IN A ROW!, I got back to the hotel, grabbed my silver cosmetics bag and breezed through these steps…

Exfoliating Cleanser: With damp hands, apply a small amount to dry skin. Gently massage using circular motions for one minute. Cleanse thoroughly, rinse and pat dry. Use AM & PM. (This white cream has a clean citrus scent and very gentle exfoliating texture, I really felt like I was washing the grime of the day off)
Pre-Treatment Toner: After cleansing, saturate a cotton pad & smooth over face & neck. May be used AM & PM. (this smelled so good that it made me realize I was starving! I was surprised to find that there was more grime left on face which was evident on the cotton pad! A MUST use product!)
Purfiying Mask: Apply a thin layer to the facial area and let it set for 7-10 minutes. Rinse with water. ( I saved this step for another day)
Eye Authority: Use ring finger to apply 1/2 a pea-sized amount to the eye contour and above the crease of the eyelid. Use AM & PM. (This was gentle and had a refreshing feeling to it on my skin, ahhhhhhhhhh)
Face Lift: After cleansing, apply a pea-sized amount to entire face & neck. Use AM & PM (They are not kidding when they say a pea sized amount. It goes a long way! Feels great on skin too 🙂 )

And I looked like this the next day…

robin avidor, #rockinrobin, fashionista, brand ambassador, new york fashion week, #nyfw

More about each product…

Deluxe trial sizes of our award-winning fan favorites. A complete anti-aging regimen to restore your skin’s protective barrier. The travel set includes:

Exfoliating Cleanser: New Beauty Magazine winner “The Best Way to Take the Day Off” & one of Katherine Heigl’s favorite products!

Pre-Treatment Toner: Shecky’s Beauty Award for “Best Toner”

Face Lift Moisturizer: Les Nouvelles Magazine winner “Best Antioxidant Product”

Eye Authority: Day Spa Magazine winner “Best Eye Cream”

Purifying Mask: New Beauty Magazine winner “A Mighty Mask That Can Multitask”

You can get a kit here!

About the Brand…

“HydroPeptide has spent the last decade perfecting anti-aging. Their blend of scientists and beauty professionals delivers a unique perspective to challenge traditional beliefs and embrace a new approach to skin health. With access to the top minds in skin science and patented technologies, HydroPeptide will continue to revolutionize anti-aging skin care.” Pretty awesome, huh?!?!?!

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