Vela Contour Serum & Cream Review

Vela Contour Neck Tightening Firming Double Chin Reducer Face Lift Serum and Cream Review.

I am a lucky girl to get gifted this Vela Contour set to try out! I remember when I was younger my evil ex sis in law told me that the first thing to go and give away your age is your neck! Well she was right for once in her life! I struggle with those neck wrinkles and do not want to stoop down to wearing a scarf to cover it up everyday! So I have tried many products out there. I have seen little to no results. Sadly.  🙁 

I made this video after a few days of using Vela products and now it has been a week. That is not very long to see results but when I look in the mirror I really think I am seeing movement in the right direction! I am following their instructions, massage and all, and really feel hopeful! Vela’s system is a little different from others I have tried and just may be the answer! I always applied creams up, like fighting gravity, but Vela instructs to massage down and I am all over it! It just takes a few seconds a day and I believe will be sooooo worth it!


I am definitely going to continue use and will be sure to keep you posted. Follow me and check for updates on Instagram! Click here to get your own and get started on this awesome regimen!

I received this product for free, but all opinions are my own.


Where can I buy Affordable Fashion online?

Where can I buy Affordable Fashion online?

This scenario may have happened to you as well as me. Every time I opened the closet, there were a lot of clothes in the closet, but I couldn’t find a thing I wanted to wear out. Why? Because the fashion industry is constantly changing so quickly that even if you bought clothes last year, you may not be able to keep up with the newest trends. Sometimes we all feel that last year’s clothes are no longer worthy of who I am today!!! So we ask ourselves, then where can I buy affordable fashion online for women?

We know that there are many online shopping stores out there. Large platforms include Amazon, and small websites include Wholesale7. I want to introduce you to Wholesale7 because everyone and their sister already knows about Amazon! They are a global wholesale and retail website focusing on apparel. Its products mainly focus on clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, etc. They serve customers of all age groups’ men and women. Whether you want to buy a single piece of clothing for yourself or to buy items in bulk for your small business, this website can meet your needs. They have no minimum order requirements, which is amazing!

During this world wide pandemic, cash is not flowing for everyone as it used to be and no one wants to even risk going out to the store. This outlet provides a safe and affordable way to shop and stay on top of trends.

Here are a few of my favorite looks that you can shop for on the site right now!

They have items at all price points, but for around $20 you can get some really special on trend items. They are a really fun sight to shop. As far as their sales go, where else can you find prices range from $1 to $5, for clothing, necklaces, headbands, earrings, rings, shoulder bags, underwear, dresses, slippers, and other items.

The really nice thing is that the quality is guaranteed even though the price is dirt cheap, you do not need to worry. Once you place your order on their site, they will ship your items within 24 hours, and deliver the clothes to you as soon as possible. I definitely think you should give them a chance. You have nothing to lose and a closet full of affordable fashion to gain!

Let me know what you think! You are sure to find at least a few pieces to add to your closet and update your current wardrobe. I am certain of that! AND these upgrades will not bust your budget either!


Blue Nectar Ayurveda ~ Health Beauty Wellness

Sometimes you are fortunate to come across a product that really speaks to you, to so many of your needs and desires! I have found that in the two products I have tried so far from @bluenectar_ayurveda

Although I usually only want unscented products, especially on my face, I find that the natural scents in their products are just so good! Nothing harsh about it. Very mellow!

I have been using both of these products, Brightening and Radiance Eladi Cardamom Cream and Shea Butter Warm Vanilla & Sugar Body lotion every day right after my shower for about 6 weeks. I actually look forward to using them!

The body lotion scent is so good! My grand said it smells like birthday cake 🎂!!! Subtle yet feels so nourishing. It sinks in and leaves skin incredibly soft!

The face cream, first of all is excellent because it contains SPF 30! I love double duty products so much! It has a jiggly type consistency! It is soft and dreamy! I love the natural butter yellow coloring it has. It goes on your skin and right to work!

It gives excellent protection from the environment and in my humble opinion, I am loving the way my facial skin is looking!

If you scroll through all of the pictures you will actually find that these products have made it onto my Lazy Susan on my vanity! That is very valuable property 😝

I urge you all to check them out! I am on a mission to try all of their products!

“ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Consisting of 12 Ayurvedic Herbs like Aloevera, Manjistha, Jojoba, Licorice etc”

 #skincare #antiaging #naturalskincare #ayurvedicherbs 

ps that is my Grammy in the background of the first picture. I love saying HI to her every time I sit at my vanity – although she passed 39 years ago tomorrow!



 Since we have been social distancing I find myself really missing my salon. I miss getting facials and I feel my skincare is suffering from lack of professional care. Therefore I decided to search for some thing to use at home that will give me professional results and purchased this face mask. I figured that it cost about the same as only one or two skincare treatments at a salon. That makes it a great value!

skincare, face mask, anti-aging
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My first reaction was that I was impressed by how beautiful the packaging was. Be sure to save it for storing your face mask and to keep it safe. When I first opened the box and felt a little overwhelmed by all of the parts and instruction booklet! Then I took some time to go through everything and found out it was really very easy to use. It offers many different settings of time and different colors for the different results you’re trying to achieve with your skincare regime. I really like that it has a neck section because the neck is one of the first places to show age!

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Personally I am trying to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, reduce redness and reduce brown spots from sun damage with my skincare routine. While using it along with my own skincare masks I can accentuate results. Understandably this takes time and I’m going to keep using it because if nothing else in this crazy time in the world this is very relaxing and calming. I do think some of the lines under my eyes are getting shallower and my complexion is a little more even. You can set a timer for what you prefer but I am doing 30 minute sessions.

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This face mask seems more professional than any treatments I’ve gotten in my salon. Be sure to adjust the strap to your size and you will find that it is very comfortable to wear. I am really looking forward to increasing results with continued use. Actually I find that I am very happy with this purchase. Oh, and I scared my husband when he walked in the room and saw the mask on me! Lol 🙂

Here is the link to learn more about it. Enjoy the rest of your day and #staysafe #stayhome!

…and it’s fun to use too!




Hello All! How is the world doing on quarantining? I am in New York so this is pretty serious stuff. All I can say to you, my words of Wisdom are simple, STAY HOME! In addition to the countless weeks we have been on lock down, I have been home since the first week in December. I had BILATERAL KNEE REPLACEMENTS! OUCH! They were exactly six weeks apart and as soon as I was free to fly, or walk LOL, the COVID19 got very serious! So yes, it has been a long time! LONG TIME!

Luckily I had some new products to try and I want to share one of them with you today only because it is freakin’ amazinggggggggggg! BONES SMALL BATCH CRAFT COFFEE is amazing in several ways, first of all, most important has to boil down to the taste. This coffee serves it up in big ways! The flavors are bold and really delicious. Secondly is the packaging. I am a sucker for packaging and this company wins a prize for theirs! Thirdly, I love that they throw in a bonus, a cool thank you card including a code for FREE coffee and some cool stickers to spread their word.

Take a Look!


I received the 5 bag sample pack. Included are S’Morey, Sinn O Bun, Highland Grog, Maple Bacon and my absolute favorite, Strawberry Cheesecake. The Strawberry Cheesecake is like dessert in a coffee cup. Even without sweetener, it is so rich and tastey. After trying that one I can tell you that the S’Morey and Sinn O Bun are exactly as you would expect, they taste like the real thing with much more interesting names! Moving on to the less conventional flavors, Highland Grog and Maple Bacon, these were my thoughts…


I will admit, I was afraid to taste the Highland Grog. Surprisingly, it is delicious! It has a creamy, smooth taste. I guess it taste like I added Irish Creme Coffee Creamer to it. Not a bad thing, not at all! Really quite yummy! Lastly I tried the Maple Bacon. Have to say, not a fan! But they have so many other flavors I am dying to try. I think Carrot Cake will be next! Check them out!