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’70s fall fashion trend revival has been hitting the runways for the past year at least but these next few months will serve it the most justice. Styles that call for rich textures and paisley patterns pop with cable knit and suede. As the temperatures gradually start to cool, layers become an essential. Fringe jackets give a bohemian rebelliousness and faux-furs borrow a touch of exotic femininity.

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The ‘70s were a time of disco fever, vinyl, and the hippie movement from the ‘60s still going strong. Though the mod movement of the ‘60s brought more prominent fashion like mod, the ‘70s took a more laid-back approach but still maintained a groovy funk. Color choices were more calm as they reflected the desire for peace after the Vietnam War in dark wood and warm earth tones. There is no better time of year to put a modern spin on such a liberating decade than fall. ‘70s fashion is perfect for layering because it plays around with texture, color, and patterns.
Make like Cher, Lauren Hutton, and Bianca Jagger and check out these hip trends:
1. Suede


2. Furs, Frills & Fringe

3. Geometric Shapes

4. Colorblock Patchwork

5. Fall Foliage
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6. Swinging Patterns
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Fashion dates back to the beginning of time. Think about it. As soon as humans stopped being naked and started to cover up their bodies, that’s when fashion was born. Perhaps it started with the simple loincloth. Maybe cavewomen started garnishing their loincloths with twigs and decorative markings? Kidding…

But seriously—back to the part about fashion being around for, like, ever. Don’t you ever wonder what funny and weird things have happened in the industry from then up until now? And if you never wondered that before, aren’t you a bit curious now that I bring up the topic? Well, you should be. Because there are actually some super weird yet guiltily satisfying facts about fashion that many people (including myself, before I did my research) do not know. And take it from someone who doesn’t even like history…. These little nuggets are totally fascinating. Keep these tidbits in your back pocket to impress people at your next party. Most Interesting Woman in the World? It’s possible.

Heels were originally created for men. Can’t imagine your boyfriend walking around in your Kay Unger NadinasHeels? Well, up until the mid-1700’s in the Near East, a sight wouldn’t be so uncommon. High heels were originally created because the heel helped men’s feet stay secure in riding stirrups, allowing them to shoot bow and arrow better. Women began wearing them in the 1600’s, and eventually men stopped because of their feminine association.

The Russian military just recently started wearing socks. Up until just nine years ago (yep, 2007!), the Russian military would simply wrap cloths around their feet. It makes sense, I guess, but also, why they gotta be so difficult?

Jeans used to be overalls. Well, in reference to their name, at least. See, when Levi Strauss & Co. patented its first pair of “jeans” in 1873, they called them “waist-high overalls.” The name “blue jeans” didn’t come along until Baby Boomers started naming them after Genoa, Italy, the city where sailors were seen wearing similar pants. (P.S. Have you seen these Boyfriend “Waist-High Overalls”  from Williamsburg? Love.)

Mark Twain invented your bra clasp. Does that name ring a bell? Were you forced to read one of his books, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, in high school? Yeah, that author guy is the one responsible for your bra not falling off. He invented and patented that handy clasp that some other men so hilariously fumble with in the heat of the moment.

People used to exercise naked, so, no activewear. Hold your giggles, ladies, it’s true. Think about how the Greek gods were naked all the time; there’s a reason. The word “gymnasium” in Ancient Greek comes from the term “gymnos,” which means naked. So your adorable athleisure getup is a super new concept, and you definitely would’ve been way overdressed if you tried to show off your NESH NYC Converge Leggings at the gym.

Thongs became popular for modesty purposes. New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia decided in 1939 that the city’s nude dancers were a little too… well, nude. He introduced the G-string so the dancers could cover up a bit. Surely he didn’t expect modern society to appreciate his idea so much for the opposite reasons!

You can thank Chanel for the LBD. Coco Chanel is credited with inventing the Little Black Dress along with costume jewelry. So basically, you wouldn’t have the Jay Godfrey Viola Dress without Mama Chanel, and you probably wouldn’t have any bling to dress it up, either. Just when we thought Chanel couldn’t be anymore perfect.

The fashion police were a real thing. It’s not just that guilty pleasure show that made us fall in love with Joan Rivers’ ruthless opinions (RIP, sweet savage); the fashion police were an actual force in South Korea that went around measuring women’s miniskirt. If the skirts were too short, the women could be fined or actually arrested.


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Aquation For Hydrated + Healthy Skin

Aquation sent me these full size, large bottles of their products to try, what a treat! I was so surprised when I opened the box. I have become accustomed to creams and lotions coming in tiny bottles! Not the case here, not at all! Retail cost is only $8.96 each, insane!

Aquation For Hydrated + Healthy Skin

Their products are all available here to purchase. CLICK FOR COUPON!

Aquation consists of a family of hydrating cleansers, creams, and moisturizers. You can learn more about the full line of Aquation here, but first let me tell you all about my experience with the brand.

If you have read my posts before you know that I have very sensitive skin. I have to be careful what I use on it and have learned how to recognize what I can and cannot use. Aquation passed the first test!  Ingredients included are Marine algae, jojoba esters and glycerin. These help provide moisturization and help prevent moisture loss from the skin’s surface. The result is intense, long-lasting hydration without feeling thick or greasy on skin.

The lotion quickly become my favorite of the three. I immediately saw a difference upon application. For one thing, my tattoos suddenly had new life! If you have tattoos you know that they can lose their luster and look dull after a while. This lotion totally changed that! I found that it sinks right in and left my skin soft and hydrated with no sticky residue. I have used it every day since day one! And will continue to use it everyday!

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Looks brand new, right??

The cleanser has a pump on it and I am a big fan of a pump, especially in the shower, very easily accessible! I like that it is nice and sudsy, unscented and I it took a minute to rinse off. I suppose that is why it left my skin feeling pleasantly moisturized. I did use it on my whole body even though I had my concerns using it on my facial skin. I did find it was gentle enough for my face and did not leave it feeling parched! Once my skin was dry I was very happy to find that the skin on my arms had lost that crepey look. This was huge for me, what a difference! My skin had become very dry and this cleanser really took that problem on and eliminated it. It didn’t take time to see a difference, it was immediate. I think we will become long time buddies!

The moisturizing cream seems to have a deeper moisturizing quality, it is very creamy. I will use it at night on elbows and heels. I do not need it every day but will surely use it more in winter months. It will have a home on my night table. Another big plus, once again is the pump! Just love it!

 Here is what the brand wants you to know about their product…

There are endless elements that affect your skin daily – not all of them in your control. There is a solution. Skincare that protects, restores and fortifies, with moisture you can feel. Clinically proven results you can see. Moisture balance technology you can count on. The perfect Aquation for hydrated + healthy skin.

Powered by Hydro Balance™ our advanced dual phase technology delivers hydration and creates an invisible barrier to help prevent moisture loss while encapsulated actives penetrate deeply for long-lasting hydration. 100% of women in clinical trials saw more hydrated skin, even up to 24 hours. 93% experienced instant hydration. 93% found non-irritating.

There are endless elements that affect your skin daily – not all of them in your control. There is a solution. Skincare that protects, restores and fortifies, with moisture you can feel. Clinically proven results you can see. Moisture balance technology you can count on. The perfect Aquation for hydrated + healthy skin.


Aquation products are exclusively available at Walmart to purchase. CLICK FOR COUPON and experience them for yourself. I think you will be happy too.

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I have to start with what totally awesome packaging my fragrance arrived in! Not only was it elegantly packaged with real ribbon but there were extras included! There were four additional large sample fragrances. It’s not everyday we receive Hermes in the mail for free! To go over the top of satisfaction they also included $5 FRAGRANCE OUTLET bucks! OK, I will be a repeat customer, they have me sold!

Now back to the beginning of my FRAGRANCE OUTLET EXPERIENCE. They have the largest and most complete selection I have ever seen. They carry “the most popular names in fragrance including Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Escada, Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Michael Kors, Thierry Mugler, DKNY, Coach, Davidoff, Vera Wang, and many other in-demand designer fragrances.” There are many photos of each item. You even get to read about what celebs are loving each scent. I love that they provide an “about the brand” paragraph as well. They offer very descriptive information on each scent including an “about the brand” section. Here is an example of a scent description:


  • Top notes of pomegranate, water and yuzu
  • Middle notes of magnolia, peony, lotus flower
  • Base notes of amber, mahogany and musk

Can you guess that the above description is for BRIGHT CRYSTAL EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY FOR WOMEN BY VERSACE? 😉

Their website is designed in such a way that it is very easy to navigate and the search box leads you directly to anything you happen to be looking for. You will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the discounts they offer too. I love a company that gives back to the customer through perks and customer appreciation. You will find this with them.Their check out process was hassle free, quick and easy. All together it was a well-organized shopping experience.
My package was shipped lightning quick. I LOVE that!  Personally, once I decide to order something I want it immediately! They came as close as possible to fulfilling my desire!

It is a definite win-win purchase. Check them out, you will not be disappointed!

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Zina Bereck
July 13, 2016


The resurgence of Pokémon is super cool for some and maddening for others who aren’t familiar with the craze so here is a slight breakdown and a peek at these pocket monsters through fashion colored glasses…

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The little, other worldly virtual creatures are collected, trained and prepared for battle by their trainers to win the league…Whose in your Pokedex?

A few of our faves:

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Julian Chang Anie Dress

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Raoul Ember Sleeveless Dress

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KAS New York Autena Dress

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Jay Godfrey Marino Coral Dress Red Dress

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Jay Godfrey Romero Dress

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Leggings Make A Come Back!

Leggings were seen on the fall 2016 runways from the likes of Versace, Marni and Balenciaga and were chock-full of stirrups! I couldn’t be happier! I’m not totally sold on the stirrup part of the trend yet, but on wearing leggings again, I am ON BOARD! I do remember really liking wearing stirrups with booties, they stay put, so I think they will grow on me again. They are so comfortable and definitely flattering! YAY, the perfect duo.

Here are some high fashion couture photos followed by the leggings you and I will actually be wearing! Even if I will not be buying couture this season or anytime soon I still do have a passion for extracting inspiration from it and thought most of you do to. I am pretty sure *Athleisure becoming a viable and popular trend has most definitely contributed to the come back as well so I have included a few of those styles too.

Be sure to scroll down for #giftcards galore to get your shopping ON! There is also an awesome sweepstakes for you to enter. You may well be the lucky winner of ONE THOUSAND! dollars to spend on anything your heart desires in my Zindigo Shop.


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Shop Zindigo

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Natalia Romano
PETIT POIS “Margarita & Daisy”
Natalia romano, kendall pant
Natalia Romano
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Petit Pois Skirt Over Pants

Shop Shoe Dazzle
75 off

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Shop JustFab
20 off

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*athleisure = wearing gym clothes around town!

This has to be the best trend to come around in a long, long time! I’m not talking about a ratty old tee-shirt and faded capris either! Rather some great really wearable pieces from designers such as Nesh and Nina B Roze. Be sure to check them out in my Zindigo shop and take advantage of the generous discounts and #giftcards I offer you every day. 😉




Just Fab – Get The Cold Shoulder!

Just Fab – Some of My Fav Cold Shoulder Styles!

Now matter what your personal style is Just Fab Online has a COLD SHOULDER style to match it! This is one of the hottest trends of the summer and you NEED to get in on it! Even better, almost every style at Just Fab is under $40 with free shipping and returns so you have no excuse not to give it a go! I can’t get enough of it! What do you think? Do you have a favorite look?

cold shoulder, off shoulder, peek a boo, just fab

This boho look is really me! I love every piece. I would add a chunky necklace too.

cs melon

The detail and embroidery on this dress make it hard to believe the price is under $40! It comes in black and white also.

cs white

This romantic look is a breeze to pull off. It just screams afternoon at the country club to me.


cs black

Isn’t this cold shoulder look HOT! The slit is everything! It has a total different vibe in coral. Check it out.

cs green

How cool is this look. Who doesn’t love a comfy over-sized T-shirt? Add a belt and hat and you got it goin’ on!

cs mauve

This color! Panetone color of the year knows what it is talking about. I love it. So sweet and sexy. Other colors available too.

cs blue dress

This is just plain sexy! I have this dress in black and it really is the perfect LBD! But the blue is so awesome, don’t ya think so?!

So what do you think? Can you pull off the look? Which one speaks to you? I’d love to know your thoughts!

TTYS, xo Robin xo #rockinrobin