No Fade Fresh Vibrant Hair Color

Watch how COLOR SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER can easily and safely transform you hair!

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I am COMPLETELY in awe of the @nofadefresh color shampoo and conditioner products results.

I have spent MANY years trying to get vibrant colored hair with such lackluster results. How can this even be possible in just minutes???

With no harsh chemicals, no animals harmed and incredibly easy to get results. I am blown away! I washed and conditioned my hair for the second time and the results are even better! Also, my hair is more voluminous!

Very happy with it!


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Say HELLO to Trippy Lips CBD Oil and Say goodbye 👋 to aches and pains & take care of your skin too! @trippy_lips_ can help for sure!

I am loving their Trippy Lips Watermelon Zkittelz Roll-On. It is so pleasant and easy to use. Smells great and does the trick to soothe my aching knees, shoulder and takes care of my tattoos too!

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After my knee replacements I needed something long term to use that was safe and effective. This product is so much better than smelly numbing creams or pain pills I tried in the past!

Also, my shoulder joint was hurting so I applied this oil there too. It really helped with pain and moisturized my tattoos too! Double win!


Their Ingredients are simple: Vitamin E, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hempseed Oil, MCT Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavors, and Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. That’s it! What a relief! 😅. Trippy Lips CBD Oil for the win!

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Have you discovered Nutree Professional products yet? If yes, lucky you, if not, read and learn!

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After taking the time and money for a Brazilian treatment, or any treatment, you need to be sure to take proper care of your investment and extend the benefits. Amazonliss Home Care – Anti Frizz – After Care – Post Treatment – Shampoo and Conditioner by Nutree works really well!

Whenever I color or get special treatments to my hair, I make sure I take care of it the best I can. I use the Amazonliss Home Care Anti Frizz After Care Post Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner Set. I find that I easily end up with fabulous results!

Best part, it is so easy to comb through when still wet, unlike the tangled mess if I don’t use it. LOL I don’t mean to sound like one of those ladies from the fifties who can’t go out because they have to wash their hair. 😂For sure with this set, it is a breeze! My hair is instantly turned to silk.

I really love that Nutree helps me extend the smoothing effect of my treatments, has super power anti-frizz action, helps prevent split ends, and provides protection to my hair. These are all benefits you’d expect to get in a salon but can get easily and less costly at home when you use this daily shampoo and conditioner.

Nutree Professional Results!

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I just love new innovative products! Look at the perfect fit this Amarte Skincare Eyeconic eye cream dispenser has to my eye area. You can get this cream exactly where you need it.

I always have trouble getting into the section in the picture, but they have designed this precisely to get the eye cream where it’s needed. It also feels good to just gently massage under your eye with the tip and work the retinol in. I love that! Check out the close-ups of the dispenser.

I’m so happy that they gifted this to me to try out and that I can share it with you. The results are really awesome. I mean for my age and with my skin has been through, I think this cream is really helping those fine lines fade away. I am using it on my upper lip as well, anywhere I see fine lines!

The retinol in it is effective with no adverse side effects at all. It’s all good!

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anti aging

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An Apple a Day is what they say!!! I have been using WEEM apple cider gummies for a few weeks now. Let me just start by telling you, they taste great! I have tried other brands that tasted like straight out vinegar, yuck! These WEEM supplements have a pleasant taste, look adorable, like little apples 🍎 and are helping me in my wellness journey too!

Apple Cider Vinegar is great to Detox your body, help control your weight, help with digestion and are for Women and Men! Every little step I can take to stay well is a huge plus and this is such an easy one to accomplish. WEEM only use the purest and most natural ingredients too.

You cannot go wrong with these supplements! Check them out with my link in bio or use my link or use “robinavidor” as a code at checkout for a 15 % discount on all products!

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One Theory Life ~ Millionaire Sugar!

One Theory Life – an introduction!

So many products come across my vanity and once in a while there are the ones that really shine. ⭐️ They shine because they do what they claim to.

I have been using @onetheorylife Millionaire Sugar Retinol Serum every night for just about two weeks and my fine lines under my eyes 👀 and around my mouth 👄 are fading into the past! I didn’t experience any ill effects at all.

It’s such a simple step to take to try and feel my best. Not to mention the impeccable packaging! I was totally blown away with it, so innovative. I am on a mission to try all of their cruelty free & planet 🌎 friendly products to see the cumulative results.

Here’s what One Theory Life has to say…

“Our highly-concentrated, slow-release retinol serum contains 1% microencapsulated retinol to visibly enhance skin texture and radiance over time. Works great under your moisturizer with results that build over time!”

@onetheorylife plants five new trees each and every time you order from us. While you’re making yourself gorgeous, you’re helping our planet glow up too!

Your trees ensure that developing communities have employment opportunities at fair wages and are able to restore the devastated forests and greenscapes that we all depend on.

One Theory supports Eden’s goal of lifting people out of extreme poverty and becoming a model for environmental restoration. Let’s do this together!

One Theory for People & Planet! 🌏
🧚🏽Glowing skin, guaranteed.✨✌🏼🧚🏽Your order 🛍👉🏽 Plants 5 trees 🌳🌱#Vegan + #Crueltyfree🌱People-friendly + #earthfriendlyingredients #skincare #antiaging #skincareroutine #retinol #millionairesugar

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