so I was in Bing for a valentine get away/visiting my son and I thought maybe I’ll have a nice relaxing jacuzzi next thing I know alarms are going off and I’m just ruining everyone else good time!! I told them…”I did NOT mean to set off the alarm on the jacuzzi” how was I to know they didn’t know how to turn it off. Simply put, the sign said “pull here to reset”. It sure looked like the start button to get the whirlpool whirling. So there I am, in my bathing suit, most uncomfortably holding the knob from the alarm that I accidentally broke off. The staff inform me that no one knows how to turn it off and the only person who does know is the manager but since it was Sunday he was in church and unreachable. So I am still standing there, in my bathing suit, when a maid, in a maid uniform complete with folded down tube socks enters the pool room-a wrench in one hand and a screwdriver in the other and I swear she is at least 75 years old. I must say this was a very funny sight, but she came to the rescue!!! Then finally, a nice relaxing soak with my love!



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