A Cadillac – For Me?

Recently I had the pleasure of being driven to NYC in a Cadillac. It was big and comfortable and I thought that it was a brand I was never going to own.
My idea of  a Cadillac owner certainly was not me. From childhood I knew it was special, although I wasn’t quite sure why. I remember on holidays when my uncle pulled into our driveway in a shiny Cadillac.  We didn’t see him very often but we remembered his caddy!   My brothers and I would all run out side and ask for a ride. He always gave us one!
My parents had their opinions why my uncle had one and we did not. He had a different lifestyle. He didn’t own a home and have a family. But all I cared about was that he drove all over in that big shiny Caddy!
Through college and then living in NYC I never gave having a car a thought.
Fast forward and here I was with my own home and family.  I definitely didn’t fit the demographic a of a Cadillac owner!
OR so I thought!
After my luxurious ride I started my research. I now know that Cadillac has something for everyone, INCLUDING price point!
While  visiting http://www.cadillac.com  I decided which caddy is for my lifestyle. The SRX Crossover!  It will fit the family and all of the stuff that comes along with one! If you still think a Cadillac is not in your budget – then you need to look at  just how affordable luxury can be! (approx $37,330!!)

2014-Cadillac-SRX-001-medium 2014-Cadillac-SRX-005-medium 2014-Cadillac-SRX-002-medium

Watch it in action here! Cadillac SRX Video



12 thoughts on “A Cadillac – For Me?”

  1. Are you sure you don’t want one just like the one that took you to the city? We could re-work the lyrics a little, “Hop in my Caddy it’s as big as a whale, and it’s about to set sail!”

  2. I learned to drive in my mom’s gold caddy convertible. It was a gr8 way to start out. Who doesn’t love to see a Cadillac pull into the driveway?

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