What a GREAT day! Thank you http://www.limcollege.edu/ for another great event! It is hard to believe that after 30 years I am still connected to my college!
My day started very early picking up my bud Judy and heading for the train before sunrise! Once on the train I proceeded to put on “my face” only to find out I didn’t have a mirror! But no worries, I went free-style and got the job done! Judy was quite impressed and I was pleased I didn’t put out an eye! 
By 7 am we were looking pretty cute, don’tcha think!
Once we were in Penn Station Jud couldn’t resist the first sightings of 
Christmas, it was pretty, wasn’t it!

 Finally we arrived at our destination, Henri Bendel, before hours!

We were treated to a delicious breakfast and a 
special swag bag!! We had a chance to meet with 
my fellow alums and faculty and meet a very 
inspiring jewelery designer who actually mines her 
own gem stones. Her designs were exquisite. 
Pictured was my fav piece. 
Her name escapes me, help me out here!!! 
She was very talented and inspirational.

Presentations now over, we were set loose in Bendels to shop 
and play! First stop, hair by “thairapy 365” flat iron, styled by
It is an amazing product, my hair still is curly!! and Judy’s is still 
It was actually Judy’s big purchase of the day and well worth 
every penny!

Trish McEvoy worked some magic on me next…

While per-fekt worked their magic on Judy.
    My big purchase ended up being “per-fekt” brow perfection gel 
and eye perfection gel!! 
I had a hard time tearing Jud away from the $400+ Chanel 

                   Part two to  follow………….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



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  1. It was sooo nice to run in to you today 🙂 So happy you enjoyed your outing at Bendel’s yesterday and I can attest to the fact that your hair was ideed, still loevely and wavy many hours and a sleep later LOL I am already a a fan of the Per-fekt line and I was also introduced to it at HB. But I really love me some Mally and that’s the only place you can purchase it other than online, which I end up doing most of the time anyway.

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