All That and A Pair of Jeans!!

Much to this shoe addict’s surprise, the Just Fab Preview Event in NYC was not about shoes at all! Rather they rolled out a brand spankin’ new denim line! Genius, don’t ya think!

The venue was impressive, the drinks flowed freely and the hors d’oeuvres were quite innovative! (Especially the red snapper in a jicamca bowl!) We entered on a pink carpet complete with photographers! As I wandered around at first I questioned where are all of the shoes? Why are there dressing rooms? What is going on here? The staff kept the info a secret!

When the fashion show started the chief stylist let the secret out! The show featured all of the new styles of jeans, not to mention, some great shoes too! After the show we were all invited to try on a pair of jeans of our choosing and be professionally photographed in them! (if I would have known that I would have told my BFF “no convertible ride into NYC!”) With all of the 20 somethings around I feared the jeans and my body would not be compatible, but they were! And sooooooooooooo comfy! I am sold. I want all of them!

So the event truly was All That and A Pair of Jeans!!

Thank you Just Fab for another wonderful event! Xo r



2 thoughts on “All That and A Pair of Jeans!!”

  1. This was by far, one of the BEST nights of my life! That drink you have in your hand was SO DELICIOUS at the event! So glad you enjoyed yourself! 😉

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