Allow me to introduce you to ARK Skincare. It is an award-winning British skincare brand loved by Beauty Editors at top magazines like ELLE and Glamour! Ark Skincare products uniquely treat skin AT EVERY AGE providing a daily skin regimen that protects, defends, and defys. The age targeted products are divided into three age intelligent product lines to treat skin. The three groups are 20s, 30s-40s, and 50s upwards. The result is a highly effective personalized skincare regime for every individual.

I just love getting a package in the mail and this time it was no different, love the excitement. I opened my package from Ark Age Aware Skincare and checked out my two full-size samples. The first one is age defy nourishing moisturizer formulated for my age skin. I remove the plastic top and was bewildered for a minute thinking maybe it was broken, ha ha, I didn’t know how the product came! I fooled around with it for a minute when I realized the product was coming out of the top!  Love the packaging, such an innovative cool pump and very convenient and easy to use.

Once I pumped it out I noticed the smell of red clover and I liked it. It claims to be deeply nourishing and moisturizing and usually that would concern me for wearing in the day under my make up. I put it onto my skin and it sunk right in, leaving no sticky feeling, score! I like how it felt on my skin. I have now been using it for 2 weeks and my skin feels smooth, wrinkles seem reduced and skin tone is more even. I do have rosacea and still have redness but maybe less so. TIP – Be sure to replace the plastic cover to assure a smooth pump each time.

OK, now it’s finally time to try Ark Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque. The directions say to use the small amount and spread it on your skin. For my skin I am supposed to leave it on for 20 minutes. So far so good, I like the smell reminds me of an earthy musky scent, almost like incense.


After 20 minutes I washed it off with plenty of cool water and it left my skin feeling soft, refreshed and moisturized. No burning, no stinging, no redness. Love it. Makes my “mature” skin the best it can be. Thank you for that! Can you guess what targeted age group of products I use? 😉

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