Baby’s Day Out!

 Well, yesterday tuned out to be even better than anticipated!

It all started at the Ted Gibson Salon in NYC. I was greeted with kind hospitality and beverages!Photobucket Photobucket


After a consultation with Ronnie Dieterich, we were down to business! I must say Ronnie has the best chair in the salon! Complete with huge windows overlooking Fifth Ave, bonus!PhotobucketPhotobucket

While waiting in Ronnie’s chair I spied the cutest shoes on another client, I just couldn’t resist!Photobucket
  This was a technique I had not seen before!Photobucket

Before I knew it, we were off to the sink, this is my view while getting my hair shampooed: a pretty red chandelier!Photobucket
Next I had to use the ladies room. That is where I got myself into some trouble.  How to turn on the water was a dilemma! Look for yourself…  PhotobucketHow does one turn on the faucet? No, not the thing next to it, that is soap, oops, then I was soapy with no water. I thought how objects that have sensors often don’t sense me and then I saw a little black button on the side of the faucet. Dilemma solved!  But I digress, on to the hair cut!!

Gina Kleinschmidt brought me to her chair and we talked about what I wanted and she HEARD me!  PhotobucketShe cut my hair how I wanted it.  As she began to blow dry it I could see the color too and I was thrilled!

During my haircut I was treated to a hand massage with a new product that I just have to have! It was a moisturizer that you use prior to showering, and then wash off, much like hair conditioner.  I loved it.  Somebody, name of it please!  All in all it was a success.  Everybody was nice and very accommodating, even smiled for my camera!Photobucket

Part Two…to follow



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