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bella j has the best gifts for those on your gift shopping list including scented candles with a surprise inside, gift sets stuffed with beauty items and really pretty notebooks!

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bella j candles smell awesome, burn for a long time and as the candle burns, a secret piece of collectible jewelry is revealed. Each bella j. charm has a special meaning and channels a different aspect of your personality! $25 Imagine seeing this:

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVERfree diamond, jewelery, charms

Congratulations! You received the very rare $10,000 DIAMOND charm! Like this charm, you are incredibly unique with a sharp wit, brilliant intelligence and radiant perspective. People are quickly entranced by your proactive attitude and speak highly of your ingenuity and cleverness. You shine bright but you are always incredibly humble– just one more dazzling attribute of your glowing personality.
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As the candle burns, a secret piece of collectible jewelry is revealed!

Girls Night In Gift Set 

Grab the other half of your dynamic duo for a night of BFF pampering. Complete with Temporary Tattoos, 2 Hair Ties and Lip Glosses in Plum Party and Pink Poser, the bella j. GIRLS’NIGHT IN gift set also includes doubles of everything for a mani-pedi for you and your #1 confidante: 2 Nail Polishes in Cheeky Cherry and Tickled Pink, 2 Toe Separators, 2 Emory Boards, 2 Surprise charms and Cute Note in our bella j. patterned cosmetic bag. $34girls night in, pamper, gifts that pamper, nail polish, beauty, makeup


This classic 5 x 7” thread bound notebook is perfect for jotting down your sketches, drafts, travel memoirs, appointments or anything else you choose. Each notebook has a cardboard bound cover with rounded corners, lined pages, an elastic closure and an embellished expandable inner pocket. $13.00


About the brand:
Despite both growing up in Seattle, WA, and having the same first and middle names, co-founders Jennifer de Klaver and Jennifer Worthington didn’t find each other until a chance meeting in New York. From there it only took a short time for them to realize they were soul sisters in both style and entrepreneurial spirit. One summer day, while Jen Worthington was hosting a friendly gathering at her house for her daughter and friends, she and Jen de Klaver noticed how chic the teens’ jewelry was. The two had a moment: What if they could offer a product that all of them loved, and also had an added bonus of a stylish prize inside? From there bella j. was born!

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving


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