Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys

Most women will admit that shopping for the man in their life can be difficult. Check out these great gift ideas for guys.

Personally I always want to give gifts that have special meaning and are something that can be treasured and maybe even passed down through generations. That’s just the kinda girl I am. 😉

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You may not of heard of Knives Ship Free but they may be able to solve the problem. Here is what they have to say…

KnivesShipFree is not just any other knife company stocking the same knives everyone else stocks. Of course, KnivesShipFree carries the top brands of knives in the industry, but they are also committed to bringing knives to market from lesser-known, specialized makers. So at KnivesShipFree, you can get knives that are very difficult to find anywhere else in the industry.”

I love that they have knives from lesser-known companies and you can really find a unique gift to give. These knives are like the Manolo Blahnik‘s of the shoe world! And most of you women know just what I mean!

I have seen with my own kids that getting a pocket knife is really special, like a right of passage. You decide what age you think is appropriate, I found that 12 is about right. Of course they need to be careful and learn how to use it resonsibly, but it becomes something that they will carry for many years to come. You will get to see them experience the joy of widdling! They will want to roast marshmallows all the time with the perfectly carved stick that they made themselves. They won’t outgrow a beautifully crafted quality knife, they may hand it down to their own kids or grandkids! (BTW, I have nieces that feel the same way!)

My husband had a pocketknife from his dad and let my son use it to make a stick to roast a marshmellow. He was so excited with his pointy stick that he stood up to use it forgetting that the knife was in his lap and it flew eright into the firepit. He was devastated but my husband still has the knife although it looks a bit different now. Learn from our mistake!!

If you have a chef in the house Knives Ship Free carries hight quality kitchen knives too. As well as leather knife sheaths, sharpening tools, dvd’s t-shirts, flash lights and more. This website is the real deal!




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