Klutch Club is to health what Shoe Dazzle is to shoes.  Every month you get a healthy box personalized to your tastes. I was quite curious to open my complimentary KLUTCH CLUB box. I hadn’t looked at the website to see what was included in it, I wanted a surprise!  I loved the clever packaging and dug right in. Below is what I found.

 The fermented soda definitely had my attention. Fermented? I wondered, is it alcoholic, no such luck ;-)! Would it taste kind of nasty like a kombucha tea?  But as I read the can, I became very interested, it is all natural and low calorie.  It is light and refreshing and just perfect for this heatwave we are having in my corner of the world. I am sold on this product! And by the way, for me, I would love it mixed with vodka! Check them out for yourself HERE,  WHOOPS, I just dug down deeper in the box and found the CASCAL summer cocktail recipe book, now I’m really happy!

I’m saving the vitamin B12 complex for extra energy at a beach club dance tomorrow night! I’ll be sure to let you know about it! 

Although I did marvel at the thrill of getting something in the mail, something new that I hadn’t tried before, I can not say it compares to a shoe club for someone like me!  I sat eating the delicious cookies that came in the box and thought “I shouldn’t be eating extra calories right now”.  But I have to add that they were delicious, not too sweet, just right. I realized I should have waited and had them with the tea I was sent, but no, when it comes to sweets I have no control, I dig right in!  Talking about the tea, the flavors sound delightful.  Since I have been home with my knee injury, I have really gotten into drinking teas, so I am sure to enjoy these.

I’m waiting to find out more about the Molecule R when my scientist son gets home! It has me really curious though! It says you can make cocktails with it! Frothy ones!

I have tried TRUVIA before but it was nice to get some more. 🙂
I have ordered my Mineral hygienics kit with the coupon that was enclosed in the box. Yeah, more stuff to come in the mail.

I have to admit, this has been fun,  I can’t even comment on everything in this seemingly bottomless box!  I will post more as I discover and recieve more goodies.

CLICK HERE to experience klutch club for yourself!

Thank you klutch club for making my afternoon splendid!  I really enjoyed your choice of products and can already tell I will become a repeat customer on several items!

(highlighted text below is from klutchclub.com website.)


Three packs of Mighty Leaf, delicious handcrafted tea blends from around the world.


A natural emulsifier that allows liquids to transform into foam, making your sauces light, voluminous, and incredibly flavorful.
1st Step Pro-Wellness/ High Performance Fitness
A natural liquid Vitamin B-12 supplement helping to combat chronic fatigue, regulate metabolic pathways, and maintain the central nervous system.


A zero-calorie sweetener made from the Stevia Leaf that is the perfect alternative to sugar.


A movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. Nia has created a customized class for KLUTCHclub members and their guests this month, worth over $50!


A healthy vegetable oil low in saturated fat, and rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6.


This makeup contains four ingredients and is 100% all natural, allowing your skin breathe in hot summer months. Included is a $15 gift certificate with no purchase restrictions!


Gourmet shortbread cookies made with just four natural ingredients. This 100-year old recipe comes from France and can be the perfect, delicious finish to a summer party.


At 60-80 calories per can, Cascal is a great substitute for sugary soda. This natural soft drink is crafted with natural juices and fermented for fuller flavor.
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