Leggings Make A Come Back!

Leggings were seen on the fall 2016 runways from the likes of Versace, Marni and Balenciaga and were chock-full of stirrups! I couldn’t be happier! I’m not totally sold on the stirrup part of the trend yet, but on wearing leggings again, I am ON BOARD! I do remember really liking wearing stirrups with booties, they stay put, so I think they will grow on me again. They are so comfortable and definitely flattering! YAY, the perfect duo.

Here are some high fashion couture photos followed by the leggings you and I will actually be wearing! Even if I will not be buying couture this season or anytime soon I still do have a passion for extracting inspiration from it and thought most of you do to. I am pretty sure *Athleisure becoming a viable and popular trend has most definitely contributed to the come back as well so I have included a few of those styles too.

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Natalia Romano
PETIT POIS “Margarita & Daisy”
Natalia romano, kendall pant
Natalia Romano
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Petit Pois Skirt Over Pants

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*athleisure = wearing gym clothes around town!

This has to be the best trend to come around in a long, long time! I’m not talking about a ratty old tee-shirt and faded capris either! Rather some great really wearable pieces from designers such as Nesh and Nina B Roze. Be sure to check them out in my Zindigo shop and take advantage of the generous discounts and #giftcards I offer you every day. 😉





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