LUMAPRO-C: Brightening Pigment Corrector Serum Review

LUMAPRO-C: Brightening Pigment Corrector Serum Review

I was given an awesome opportunity to try LUMAPRO-C: Brightening Pigment Corrector Serum from Hydropeptide. For those of you that have been following along you know how much I have LOVE using their On The Glow Travel Set so I was pretty excited about this too! Having extremely sensitive skin and rosacea, I hydropeptide, lumapro-c, anti aging, age spots, fine lines, wrinklesdon’t take trying new products lightly. My skin can be get very red and just feel plain uncomfortable! I am pleased to report that this product has been a great fit! The redness has improved by about 85% and my skin feels soft and appears much more even toned. (see before and after photos below) AND this is after just two weeks of morning and evening use! I would imagine for someone with normal skin the results would be much more dramatic! I am happily highly recommending it and am able to offer my readers a great discount for you to give it a go yourself! Just use code BBLUMA20 to receive 20% off your LumaPro-C purchase!

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As you can see I still have some redness of my chin and cheeks. But my overall tone is MUCH more even. Best of all is that it feels better. I also use a prescription from my dermatologist and that can leave my skin very dry and I think the LUMAPRO-C: Brightening Pigment Corrector Serum has helped with that as well.

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All you need is a small pea size amount, Just one pump from the easy dispensing bottle, for your whole face so it will last a long time. It smells like fresh citrus and sinks right into your skin leaving it feeling smooth and velvet like. I’m happy 🙂

About the Product

Everything is…all bright with LumaPro-C! Take brightening to the next level.

Clinically combat hyperpigmentation by safely fading existing dark spots, age spots, and inhibiting future discoloration with the latest in drug-free technology. This facial serum is ideal for anyone wanting a brighter complexion while improving overall skin radiance. Achieve a more even appearance with a resurfacing peptide DermalRX SRC (to enhance skin texture and fade pigmentation), combined with the latest, most stable forms of Vitamin C and Resveratrol.

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Use code BBLUMA20 to recieve 20% off your LumaPro-C purchase

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