Print Pants – My Latest Obsession!

Print Pants – My Latest Obsession! I have been shopping Shopbop all day. It is so hard to edit their vast collection of designer clothes, and that is NOT a complaint! I especially like to shop them because they have clothes that I do not see everywhere. I can (and have) spent countless hours shopping Shopbop and every time is fresh and new. Below is a small sampling of print pants that I couldn’t look away from!!

They have so many more styles of print pants so you really have to check and see for yourself.  The prices range from about $30 to $2000. They have really awesome sales too.You can find customer reviews on specific items that I have found really helpful when trying to choose a size.  The little video clip of the garment on the model gives an informative 350 degree view of how the garment looks on and avoids missing some important details that you might otherwise have. They ship fast and accept returns with a prepaid printed shipping label. I have found it very pleasant and convenient to deal with them. Their packaging is pretty sweet too!


Which would you wear, is that different from your favorites?  How would you put it all together? Let me know in comment below!


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