Single Dress by Galina Sobolev

The most fun part of being a shop owner is seeing the latest styles that come in from my favorite designers. Today I am totally crushing on Single by Galina Sobolev. Her spring 2015 line just screams #rockinrobin (me!) it is totally awesome! Take a peek…galina sobolev, single dress, spring 2015, paisley, gypsey, free spirit, festival clothes

These just arrived today and I NEED all of the pieces! There are many more styles available too. I just love her work. So does Fergie, Carmen Electra, Rebecca DaCosta, Ashanti, Eva Longoria and many more!!!!!!!!! You may be next!

galina sobolev, single dress, spring 2015, paisley, gypsey, free spirit, festival clothes

Get to know the talented and gorgeous Galina Sobolev!

single galina

“Single is an unapologetic stand for the individuality of style and confidence. Co-founded by GALINA SOBOLEV and MICHAEL SOBOLEV, Single was conceived to reaffirm every woman’s zest for life, romance and luxury.”

Fashion and style run deep in Galina’s blood. As a child in her native Russia, Galina learned how to sew and crochet from her grandmother, a well respected dressmaker who had her own atelier, just steps away from the Opera House, in a glitzy neighborhood in Odessa. Even today, Galina cites this as a profound influence in her life, recalling the supple garments and colorful fabrics she used to play with. In 1977 her family moved to New York. A few years later Galina enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She participated in the school’s exchange program which enabled her to spend a year and a half in England to study knitwear. Upon her return to the U.S., she earned two awards from FIT for her graduating collection. During this time, she also got into modeling, walking the New York runways alongside Pat Cleveland and Iman for such designers as Michael Kors and Michael Vollbracht. This phase in her life was equally inspirational as she experienced the glamour of club life at New York¹s hotspots such as Studio 54, Xenon, Limelight and Danceteria. Following her modeling stint Galina returned to design and worked for a manufacturer who produced exclusive knitwear for Marc Jacobs and others.Galina moved to Los Angeles in 1987 where she continued to work in fashion, designing for several well known fashion lines. But it was her meeting with her future husband Michael Sobolev, in what she describes as a fairytale-like situation on Christmas Eve of 1992 that truly changed her life. The couple proved to be such a great match that they extended their personal relationship to include a professional one. Michael’s entrepreneurial skills and MBA degree together with Galina’s talent made a perfect formula for starting a company of their own. They started in 1994, with Michael taking the business end while Galina focused on the creative aspect of designing gorgeous printed silk chiffon dresses. Two years into the venture, major stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Fred Segal picked up the line, and, based on their overwhelming reactions to her designs, Galina and Michael decided to streamline the collection into a label they named Single.Single offers the very latest in fashion trends with a fresh and unique interpretation. Combining classic luxury with an exuberant attitude, Single is fabulous fun in lavish fabrics, from delicate silks to the softest cashmeres. Its one-of-a-kind prints are developed from original artwork, in coordination with art studios in Italy and France. When you wear Single, you possess an optimistic outlook and a strong sense of self.”

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Yep, it's me, in Austin.
Yep, it’s me, in Austin.

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