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I LOVE NeoStrata

I just tried a new product from and I’m so excited to share it with you. It’s the type a feeling that I feel like screaming from the rooftops so everyone knows about it! It is a sunscreen from Neo Strata. It is called Sheer Physical Protection Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 50. It has a matte finish and is slightly tinted. You won’t even believe it’s sunscreen when you put it on. There is no icky, sticky, yucky feeling at all. The tint is just enough to cover imperfections and it looks very natural. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized and it protects you from harmful UVA/UVB induced aging. I can’t say enough good about it. But I’ll say some more anyway,  LOL, it absolutely doesn’t sting your eyes like other sunscreens I have tried! It leaves you with a clean, dewy,  and fresh kind of feeling. It just feels good on your skin! I am a FAN!!!!

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I LOVE NeoStrata

Here is another product of theirs that I am loving.

If you are having a hard time with dark circles under your eyes here’s a product you need to try. For me it’s not so much under my eyes as it is in the corners of my eyes where it tends to get very dark. I’ve been using this for two weeks, putting it on before my make up and I’m really liking the results. It is a white cream and just about immediately it sinks in and leaves a good feeling on your skin. I really like the way it is dispensed too. I takes just one pump and you’re good to go for both eyes. Check it out!!!

Here is what the brand has to say about it… “NEOSTRATA Brightening Eye Cream is a dark circle corrector that is formulated to reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes. Targets a restored look of firmness and moisture for a smooth, bright appearance.” 

I LOVE NeoStrata

Here is a glimpse into my NeoStrata collection! I have been a huge fan for many, many years! I attribute my “youthful!” look to them!

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Miskos Cosmetics New Palette 🎨

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Having fun playing with @miskoscosmetics new #palette 🎨 The colors and weather on this sunny 🌞 #longisland Sunday inspired me to do a #beachlook with blues and greens with a touch of gold!

“This gorgeous pallet has 10 beautiful colors, including 3 matte (nude, skin color, Bean paste) and 7 shimmer (pink, coral, rouge, gold, Fluorescent green, blue, grey), easy to mix and match any colors you like to create a perfect look”

All of the rich pigments are perfect 👌 and they last all day! They blend together really well so it is really fun to play around and mix and match them all. You can create so many different looks with them. There are ten in this Miskos palette and I like all of them, however, I love 8 of them! In these photos I am also wearing their #lipstick. I highly recommend their products!

Buy yours here on @amazon 

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Eyram’s Shea Salt Scrub Giveaway!


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Eyrams Shea Salt Scub. Luxurious and Moisturizing to your skin. Your skin will sing your praises. Your skin will be soft as a babies bottom

As you all know by now I love to try new products all of the time!  Eyram’s Fashions partnered with me to get the word out about their exceptional products and we will be rewarding one lucky winner a jar of Eyram’s Shea Salt Scrub!  Be sure to enter to win! When I opened the jar for the first time I was wowed by the aroma. It smells so good! Next I was very happy to find it in a plastic container as I have used other scrubs that where in glass jars and that is NOT a good mix. 😉

After a few uses I got it all figured out. At the end of showering scoop out some scrub, I use it on my arms, legs and  feet! (not on the bottom of your feet! Slippery) Rinse and pat dry. Voila! You are exfoliated and moisturized in one easy step. I LOVE a short cut in the morning when I am rushing to get out the door! As the day went on I realized my skin still looked ultra moisturized and soft. Best part…it soaked into my skin and felt smooth and NOT greasy. I am sold on it!

Read on for an interview with the creator of great products!


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1.) When did you first know that you wanted to start a bath and beauty line?

In 2010, when I traveled to Ghana (West Africa). I was introduced to a lot of natural and organic goods. One of those things was raw shea butter, palm oil. I loved the raw shea butter it was great on my skin and hair. I then began to do research on its use and how I could make products for the skin. I have always had a problem with over the counter lotions and crème they never kept my skin moisturized. In 2012, I decided it was time and Eyram’s Bath & Beauty Line was birth. We have a variety of natural skin products and remedies that will be retailed under our line.

2.) Where do you get your inspiration?

God, humanity, nature, and skincare industry.

(I love this answer!)

3.) What is your favorite and your least favorite part of your job?

My favorite thing about my job is creating and formulating different products. I love it! My least favorite is if my supplies are out of stock, it slows production. LOL!

4.) How many hours do you work a day? Do you ever stop!

I typically work 8 to 10 hours a day. Yes, I stop!  I do believe rest is important. If you are tired it slows down your creative process and the ability to make good decisions.

5.) Do you think you will expand your line to any other area?

Yes, we currently retail fashion and a children’s skincare and clothing line.

6.) What are your dreams for the future?

I want to see Eyram’s Fashions/Bath & Beauty, a Fortune 500 company. I want to see our products and services in magazine, television, hands of celebrities, internet, spas, salons and more. Global!

7.) Do you have just the scrub in your Etsy shop at this point? When and will you be adding more.

We will adding our Bath Tea Bags that are great for relaxing and achy/tired muscles. We will be adding those products within the next week. 

8.) When will your website be up and running?

             Our website will be up and running October 2014. 

9.) What other products do you offer?

We offer body lotions, butters, natural remedies (ointments, salves), lip balm, romance massage oil, Mommy to Be Rub.


(A mommy to be rub, isn’t that awesome! It is the perfect gift for the mama! Maybe the romance massage oil would be a great way to become a mommy to be!)

I totally enjoyed working with the creator, Melinda Bradley-Kumi and wish her the best of luck in all of her future endeavors! I want to try all of the products!


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