Magefy Makeup Set

All of the angles!

I was so lucky to receive some awesome items to review from Magefy to review. They came packaged so beautifully so I knew I was off to a great start! The brush set is phenomenal! It is the most complete set I have ever seen. It includes brushes I have never seen before, and that is impressive! I really like that they are all embossed with the names of the brushes too, very convenient! I had three favorites which were the small fan brush, angled eye shadow brush and the flawless concealer brush. The most unusual brush, to me, was the bend eyeliner brush which I thought was damaged until I read the name LOL It will definitely take me more time to test each and every one of them! The ones that I have used, my three faves mentioned above, did not disappoint. The mini fan brush had a nice wight to it. (I have another one form another brand that is useless because it is so wispy!) The angled eyeliner brush helped me make clean lines and the concealer brush distributed my make up nice and evenly.

magefy, makeup, eye shadow, makeup brushes, false lashes
So many brushes!
My three faves!
This brush is so cool!

The eye shadow palette includes nine colors. The pigments are really rich, go on smoothly and last long. There are so many different combos you can come up with. I made my look pictured below with just four of the colors. I cannot wait to play around even more!

Such pretty colors!

Also included were two sets of false eyelashes. Personally I only use them for special occasions. Be sure to follow me on social to see them on me in the near future!

Magefy Lashes
Magefy makin’ me pretty!

You can purchase your own set on Amazon right here!


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